Friday, July 25, 2008

Who may be Liable in a Plane Crash

Just recently, another plane crash occurred in Moonpark, California, injuring a flight student and a flight instructor. According to reports, the plane has to make an emergency landing due to mechanical problems. However, as the pilot attempted land safely in a Simi Valley field, the plane suddenly crashed. Consequently, the two passengers of the single-engine airplane incurred mild injuries and such vehicle sustained substantial damages.

As this particular incident is still subjected under on-going investigation, let me just point out some possible legal implications of this case. These parties may be held liable for the plane crash:

• The plane manufacturer, if the subject vehicle has been proven to carry assembly defects.

• The maintenance crew, if they have been neglectful in performing their duty of inspecting the airplane’s safeness for travel.

• The flight instructor, if he/she fail to apply the standard procedures in case of such emergency or if he/she has been found incompetent of operating the airplane.

Usually, determining liability in a plane accident involves thorough and intensive procedures. Only experts in the field of aviation can find out exactly what has caused the accident. Yet, after the reason for the crash has been established, the injured victims may rely on the capability of an aviation lawyer to ascertain the probable damages that they can recover.

But then again, if the aviation experts fail to discover the reason behind the crash, a competent personal injury lawyer may still seek other means to have their clients recover compensations for their injuries and damages incurred. The victims may result in filing their insurance claims depending on the coverage of their policies.

As the law suggests, accident victims should be given rightful compensation by whosoever was found liable for the injuries or death. In the abovementioned case, the two injured individuals must consult their respective aviation accident lawyers for proper legal advice and recommendations.