Thursday, May 31, 2007

Equipments Required in Riding Your Bicycles

California Vehicle Code (CVC) provides for the minimum equipment required in riding your bicycles. It is your best interest to follow these requirements not only to prevent runs in with the law but more importantly, to protect yourself while riding your bicycles.
Before you can operate your bicycles the law provides that:
1. Your bicycle must be equipped with a brake; and
2. Your bicycle must not have handlebars that require you to elevate your hands above your shoulders.
Also, when riding your bicycle at night, the law states that you must have the following:
1. A lamp emitting white light visible from 300 feet in front of the bike and from the
sides of the bike (may have lamp attached to the rider instead);
2. A red reflector on the rear of the bike visible from 500 feet to the rear when
directly in front of the lawful high beams of a motor vehicle;
3. White or yellow reflector on the pedals of the bike visible from the front and rear at a distance of 200 feet; and
4. White or yellow reflector on each side of the front of the bicycle and white or red reflector on each side of the rear of the bicycle.
You should make sure that your bicycle is equipped with at least the minimum equipment mandated by law for your own safety and convenience. Remember, a safe driver enjoys the drive longer.

How to Protect Yourself From Insurance Companies After Making A Claim

After making a claim or asking for a lawyer’s help in pursuing your claim you should not speak with anyone about the incident except to your lawyer. If anyone contacts you and asks you about the incident, refer them to your lawyer. Insurance companies also hire investigators to question your neighbors and friends and take pictures of you to determine your condition. If this happens contact your lawyer immediately.
Do not forget to take pictures of your injuries as well as damage to your property as this will help you and your lawyer to show the damages you incurred as a result of the accident.
Also, be sure to keep your appointments with your therapists, doctors and other medical providers. The only way you will be able to claim for your injuries is if you have documents, like medical reports and bills, to support your claim. Without this, it will be difficult if not impossible to secure your claims for personal injuries. It will also be hard for your lawyer to prove that your injuries are serious and continuing if you don’t have medical records to show that you have been treating for a continued period of time.
In the end, just document everything, i.e., prescriptions, doctors’ billings, transportation, and send them to your lawyer. Your lawyer knows how to include these things in your personal injury claims.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Labor in Labor

The greatest gift a person could ever receive is the gift of life. In whatever aspect it may be, it is always viewed as a blessing to the person to whom it has been bestowed. Yet for a working individual, it may pose certain risks to the extent of affecting even her employment. The workplace has been a breeding ground to so many forms of employment discrimination. Pregnancy discrimination particularly has been a growing concern in the labor force.
Notwithstanding, favourable laws protecting both the mother and the life it bears, still employers have their uncanny way of creating this condition as a way of discriminating the poor employee. The Pregnancy Disability Leave confers to the employee 88 paid leaves covering the period of birth and ample time for the rearing of the new born child. The predicament that usually comes about is that when the employee returns for work, she is placed in a position that is way below the designation she was in before the leave was taken.

The employer uses her pregnancy in the guise that she is not competent, physically and emotionally to deal with the rigors of her former position. This claim is devoid of merit, as like any other employee the pregnant employee’s position must be left open in much the same way as other positions are held open for other employees on leave. Hence, upon the expiration of the pregnancy leave, the employee must be reinstated to her original position.