Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Labor in Labor

The greatest gift a person could ever receive is the gift of life. In whatever aspect it may be, it is always viewed as a blessing to the person to whom it has been bestowed. Yet for a working individual, it may pose certain risks to the extent of affecting even her employment. The workplace has been a breeding ground to so many forms of employment discrimination. Pregnancy discrimination particularly has been a growing concern in the labor force.
Notwithstanding, favourable laws protecting both the mother and the life it bears, still employers have their uncanny way of creating this condition as a way of discriminating the poor employee. The Pregnancy Disability Leave confers to the employee 88 paid leaves covering the period of birth and ample time for the rearing of the new born child. The predicament that usually comes about is that when the employee returns for work, she is placed in a position that is way below the designation she was in before the leave was taken.

The employer uses her pregnancy in the guise that she is not competent, physically and emotionally to deal with the rigors of her former position. This claim is devoid of merit, as like any other employee the pregnant employee’s position must be left open in much the same way as other positions are held open for other employees on leave. Hence, upon the expiration of the pregnancy leave, the employee must be reinstated to her original position.