Friday, February 22, 2013

Mariposa County School Bus Accident Leaves 4 Students Injured

Photo gives credit to ABC Local.
As recently reported, four students were injured in a school bus accident after the huge vehicle rolled over the highway.

Based on the initial investigation, the accident occurred around 4:30 in the afternoon, Tuesday, as high school students were heading home. According to the police report, the driver of the bus lost control of the vehicle traveling along Highway 49 near Greely Hill Road in Mariposa County, California.

Four students of Mariposa County High School and the bus driver were reportedly injured. Fortunately, none of them were listed in critical condition. According to the police, the trees along the highway did a significant role to prevent a tragedy

Other students riding the bus survived unscathed described the incident to the authorities. According to media sources, the students told the authorities that the bus skidded off the highway and over an embankment and then rolled over on its side. In fact, it nearly went all the way down to a snowy hill on Highway 49.

Moreover, one of the 16 students on board claimed that the speeding driver did not realize that he was going around a sharp curve too fast without considering the bad road condition. 

The next day following the incident, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) shut down Highway 49 to give way to tow truck drivers to pull the bus back into the roadways. Also, the school cancelled classes on the same day due to the remaining snow and ice on the roads.

So far, the investigation regarding the incident is still under progress but the authorities were said to be starting to figure out that speed is a factor.

Apparently, during snowy weather conditions, the best advice for drivers is not to drive at all. However, if you can’t avoid it, at least make sure that your vehicle is prepared and that you know very well how to handle bad road conditions to avoid such road misfortunes, reminded by a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Biggest Car Accident Insurance Claim In British History Goes To…

More than a year after Rowan Atkinson’s rare McLaren was severely wrecked from a car accident, the exotic car is now up and running.

The said news recently took center stage after reports about the staggering amount of repairs surfaced.

Unfortunately for the Mr. Bean star’s insurer, the company was forced to shell out a total of £910,000.00 to repair the actor’s McLaren F1. In fact, it was said to be the biggest car accident insurance claim in British history.

Ironically, the actor bought his sports car for £640,000.00 in 1997. Obviously, the amount of repairs was significantly higher than its original price. Also, it is three times higher than the previous record-holding insurance payout way back in 2010.

On a related note, a specialty insurer explained that the high performance car needs extensive use of carbon fiber, as well as expert care, making its repair costs so expensive.

In a statement released by Ben Stagg, an insurance expert of RK Harrison, he said that all modern supercars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris are generally carbon fiber. In fact, even the smallest ring in carbon fiber is a huge repair job. In addition, a part of its engine bay is made of gold, since it is the best heat conductor. The materials used in such cars compared to everyday cars make it so expensive.

After the repairs and all, Atkinson is back into the driver’s seat of his high-end car unlike many sports car enthusiasts who only drive their cars few times in a year under perfect weather conditions.

Meanwhile, during an interview documented by Classic & Sports Car magazine, the actor claimed that he feels depressed when such great cars are just hidden away. For him, it is a crime not to use it.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles accident lawyer here who once featured the news about the actor’s previous car accidents involving the same sports car in one of his blogs was not surprised to learn that he is back again into its driver’s seat. Seeing him hitting the road using his McLaren F1 after those unfortunate accidents is no longer surprising since he has been known for his extensive passion for driving, especially high-end ones.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Southern California Tour Bus Accident Kills 8; Injures Dozens

At least eight people were reportedly killed and dozens were injured in a horrific tour bus accident in Southern California last Sunday night.

As previously reported, the said tour bus traveling down in Southern California mountain road en route to Tijuana, Mexico lost its control, slammed into a car and then flipped, then plowed a pick-up truck.

Initially, seven people were reportedly killed from the incident while 38 were injured including children. However, recent reports updated the death toll to eight, and some of the injured victims still remain in critical condition.

As a result of the crash’s impact, some people were ejected from the bus while several were trapped. The driver of the bus survived but was injured, while the driver of the pick-up truck later succumbed to death, the authorities said. 

Firefighters and rescue personnel including the California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, Caltrans officials, paramedics and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) were immediately dispatched at the scene. Unfortunately, the severity of the wreckage made it difficult for them to extricate all the injured.  In fact, in a statement released by the Caltrans spokesperson, Michelle Profant, she told media sources that the scene was really messed up with body parts.

Following the accident, during an interview, the driver of the bus claimed that the bus suffered brake problems as it was heading down the mountain that is why it rear ended a car and flipped and then struck a pick-up truck.

Meanwhile, authorities are also considering speed as a factor. Additionally, they are also eyeing on road conditions and possible driver error or fatigue as contributing causes in the fatal crash.

Based on the initial findings gathered by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), it revealed that the tour bus is operated by Scapadas Magicas LLC, a company based in National City, California. Nevertheless, the Federal transportation records show that the company is licensed to carry passengers for interstate level and that it had no recorded crashes in the past two years.

Further investigation revealed that the tour bus was on a trip organized by InterBus Tours for families from Tijuana, Mexico for a day of skiing in Big Bear when the accident occurred.

Incidentally, bus accidents only account for a small percentage on all vehicle accidents in the United States. However, it such road misfortune occur, it absolutely result into series injuries and death, particularly for other motorists riding in smaller vehicles, noted by a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Google Driverless Car on Car Accident Liability Issue

For years, Google has been working hard to fully develop its driverless car which is designed to reduce traffic mishaps. Also, it is expected to ease traffic congestion through as it promotes more consistent driving. In fact, Google pledged that its driverless cars are the future of the automobile industry.

Consequently, several states have already stepped forward to pave way to the autonomous vehicle.

However, before the self-driving car totally become a reality, issues regarding who will be at fault in case of car accident is currently creating a stir.

In some states like California and Florida, since they were the first states to welcome the driverless cars in their roadways, they have already passed a bill that would require the Registries of Motor Vehicles to provide traffic rules for the self-driving vehicles over the next one to two years.

Unfortunately for the car manufacturers, they do not have any idea what those rules would be, which in turn could lead them to a pause from developing the vehicles. Most probably, if the automakers believe that they could be held liable for the autonomous car accidents, then they may hesitate in manufacturing the vehicles, regardless of safety records for prototype vehicles.

So far, due to the bright future eyed by the automakers behind the driverless cars, they were said to have cashed out a considerable amount of money to fight against possible liability laws.

It could be remembered that way back in 2010, Google’s car have been involved in a minor accident after it was rear-ended by another vehicle. Also, in the following year, another Google car caused a multiple car pile-up. However, investigation result subsequently proved that the two incidents were caused by human error. The first incident was caused by the driver of the other car that rear-ended the autonomous vehicle while in the second incident, Google car was manually driven by a human driver.

Apparently, it only shows that in any type of vehicles, accidents are likely to occur. Therefore, there is indeed a need for a customized traffic laws for the autonomous vehicles of the future, agreed by a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.