Friday, August 24, 2007

Bring justice to your personal injury

If you are suffering due to your incurred injury caused by other party’s misbehavior or negligence, then you actually belong to the list of those thousands or even millions of people in the United States who are experiencing the same. Besides the miserable fact that you have to burden great physical pain and other losses, you might as well be facing serious problems on how to deal with your personal injury claim. Here are some points that may help you lessen your dilemma.
Think positive
While most personal injury victims are coping with their affliction with so much anger and resentment, you should learn to focus on your case and not with your feelings. You should also understand that anger might hinder you in making the right decisions and precise statements that are vital in any legal case.
Hire a credible and efficient attorney
Others may think – legal counsel fees will only add up to their problems. Not at all. Appointing an advocate to defend your cause is necessary to attain justice and victory in your case. An attorney has the knowledge and capability in managing various legal cases. You just have to choose one who specializes in your case.
Discuss all your concerns with your attorney and give him the accounts of your case as precisely as you can
It is important that you have a close communication with your attorney. Let him know all the details so that he can be able to determine the laws that are applicable in your lawsuit and plan the proper course of action. Never give erroneous information and listen very carefully in his instructions on how to respond to the cross-examinations accordingly.
The success of your personal injury claim greatly depends on how you deal with it and whose legal services would you acquire. Seek assistance from only the most reliable personal injury attorney in your area. Have a closer look on his legal achievements and background before appointing him. Doing this will probably give you a better chance of having positive results or even higher recoveries.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rolling Tumbling Down

It is fun to roll around if you are in an amusement park riding inside one of the amusement rides. The rides are designed to tumble and there are safety harness or other precautions present during the rolling and tumbling of the rides. In essence, those rides are meant to roll and tumble and turn to the joy of the thrill seekers.

Vehicles, on the other hand, are not meant to turn over, tumble, roll or even tip on its sides. When one of these things happen while you are inside a car, the results could be very painful to say the least. The most common injuries sustained from a roll-over accident is injuries to head and neck. This is due to the violent rolling of the car thrashing our head and neck back and fort. An incident also of this violent roll over accident is spinal cord injuries which could result in temporary or permanent paralysis.

Don’t also be fooled by movie stunts where cars roll and rip apart keeping the driver and passengers intact. First, the drivers operating the vehicles in the movies are stuntmen with years of professional training on how to protect themselves in case of a roll over accident. The roll over they experience are intentionally done and they know how to position themselves to cushion the blow of the impacts in a roll over car scene. Also, their vehicles are made to sustain the impact of a roll over accident.

Roller bars or cages are placed to protect the car from crumpling like paper during the roll over and protecting the stuntman behind the wheel. The vehicle is also stripped of any glass or plastic that would break or detach and could hit or stab the stuntman during the roll over. If this is not enough, paramedics are already on stand by even before the roll over incident happens for good measure.

Imagine yourself in a roll over situation, without any of the above protective measures. Had enough? Drive safely and your nightmare may not come to reality.

Roller Coaster Health Risks

Roller coasters are fun rides. They are actually the highlight of most of theme parks or amusement parks. However, due to the growing competitions between theme parks and the race to build better, bigger and more thrilling rides, roller coasters have become more dangerous than before.

Drops, dips, slides, loops and sudden turns of the roller coaster could lead to a lot of injuries even if no accidents occur while riding it. There are real health risks especially against pregnant women, people with heart attack, epilepsy, back or neck injury or those who had prior orthopedic surgeries.

Fatalities even occur long after individuals have taken a ride on a roller coaster. Some of these cases were due to undiagnosed brain and circulation problems like blood vessel abnormalities, malformations or aneurysms.

The makers of the roller coasters are bent on making more dangerous rides that challenge the threshold of human body to keep thrill seekers interested. Therefore, a person must use common sense in deciding to ride in one of the roller coasters today. In the end, you know your own limits and riding the roller coaster is fun only if you are well after the experience has passed.

Help Prevent Your Children From Drowning or Suffering Pool Related Injuries

Drowning is when a person is submerged in water, cutting of the person’s oxygen causing injuries or even death. Drowning is the second leading cause of death by injury among children. In contrast with adults, infants and young children drown in as little as two inches of water. It is therefore, important to be extra careful with your children when near pools or properties retaining water with levels that could be fatal to your children.

Most infants who died in accidents die in swimming pools. On the other hand, older children and teen drowning happen in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and other natural bodies of water.

Aside from drowning, there are a lot of accidents that could happen while in the vicinity of pools or other water recreation areas. Some of the injuries suffered aside from drowning or near-drowning are spinal injuries resulting in various degrees of paraplegia and quadriplegia, concussion, brain injury, loss of memory and motor skills, slip, trip and fall injuries, bone fractures/breaks/dislocations, temporary or permanent disability, facial injuries resulting in nose and jaw dislocations and scarring, cuts, lesions and punctures.

It is important to make sure that your children have supervision when near bodies of water. It also helps to make them wear vests in case they wonder off away from sight. Also make sure that no objects are lying near the pool area where your children could trip and fall in the water. Be wary also of slippery substances near pool areas to prevent your children from suddenly slipping into the pool or banging their heads on the floor tiles. Drowning is more fatal when the person drowning becomes unconscious.

If your child happens to figure in an accident, immediately call 911 or seek medical attention. Brain injuries are also common in drowning victims. Your quick thinking may just save your child from permanent injuries related to drowning.

Factors That Contribute to Drowning Incidents

Drowning incidents also account for some of the fatalities in children and adults alike. Especially during summer or hot season, people tend to frequent pools and other recreation water areas.

Don’t let your fun time turn into a nightmare. Drowning can be caused by a lot of things. It is also worth to note that fatalities do not differ with people who know how to swim and those who cannot. If you want to prevent or minimize the risk of drowning while enjoying water sports and water recreations, these tips could just help save you and your family members from water related injuries as well as drowning or near drowning accidents.

First, do not consume too much alcohol. Alcohol disrupts your analytical thinking and slows your reaction time. If you are engaging in any water sports, be sure to have proper equipment. Do not overload your water vessels. Also, do not swim alone. Always make sure that somebody can see you. Even great swimmers get into accidents.

Some factors that may cause drowning regardless of whether you are a great swimmer or not are brought about by natural conditions such as water currents, bottom surface gradient and stability. These are the main reasons why, even if you are a great swimmer, you always need to make sure that somebody can see you or knows where you are while engaging in sports or fun activities in bodies of water.

It is well and good if all you get is a cold, a bump on the head, some scrapes and bruises in the skin. However, you may not be so lucky and end up near drowning or drowning ever. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Keep the above tips in mind and stay enjoying the waters longer.

Unscrupulous Masters Dangling Dog Bones

If you have been recently laid off and was offered a severance package by your boss, don’t accept it at first instance. Remember, if you are being laid off, it means that you will not anymore be productive to your employer. If you are not going to be of any use to your employer, wouldn’t you be a bit suspicious if your employer suddenly offers you a certain sum of honey as a take home gift?

Chances are, you might have been done wrong by your employer. Employers are not mandated by law to give severance package to a laid off employee. You must be discerning and try to read between the lines or find the hidden meanings behind the severance package.

If the severance package is included in the contract then it is less suspicious but it doesn’t mean that you were not wrongfully terminated. If there is however, no express or implied obligation on the part of the employer to provide you with a severance package but he offered you one anyway, do not take it outright. Contact an experienced employment lawyer to help you assess whether you have been wrongfully terminated. If you are, your master might be giving you dog bones when you are actually entitled to a piece of fat and juicy steak.

There is no problem with settling your claims when you have been wrongfully terminated. Just don’t unwittingly give up your right to sue and claim for just and reasonable damages in exchange for scraps offered in the guise of a severance package.

Defense for Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination cases are among the employment and labor cases filed in court that are heavily litigated. Due to mostly non-economic factors affecting the whole scenario of wrongful termination, the outcome as well as awards for damages is highly anticipated.

Aside from those who have been allegedly wrongfully discharged, whistle blower retaliation and other publicly wrongful discharge claims are also increasing in number. These lawsuits represent huge financial exposures to employers both in terms of the cost of defense and the amount of verdicts.

Wrongful termination can take many forms. These include wrongful discharge in violation of public policy, retaliation, discrimination due to sex, age, race and disability, negligent hiring, infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy through drug testing, fraud, false imprisonment among others.

You need lawyers to determine on the outset whether the wrongful termination case filed against you is baseless or that the complainant had no sufficient evidence to suppose he was terminated for any other reason other than stated in his termination letter.

Don’t gamble on your company’s future, fight dishonest former employees from taking you down with baseless wrongful employment suits, get legal help now and fast.

What You Should Know About Employment Severance Package

As an employee, you are not entitled by the law to receive benefits under the employment severance package. However, you may be entitled to receive such package as a matter of right as an employee:

1. Agrees verbally to give you a severance package;
2. Signs a contract stating that you have a right to receive a severance package; or
3. When there is an implied right to a severance package or an existing condition wherein other employees having the same work position have regularly been given such package.

Since severance package has no standards provided by law, you can definitely negotiate to become a recipient of it. However, if you are part of a worker's union, your union will be the one to negotiate these matters for its members.

It is necessary to be careful in negotiating for your severance package. Many states provide that once you renegotiate your package, the other one previously offered by your employer become effectively withdrawn. In this case, if the employer does not accept or agree with the terms of your proposal, then you might end up not getting any severance package at all.

In addition, if you collect your severance package, you might not be entitled to unemployment insurance benefits. Some severance package may include terms, which entitles you to receive monthly payments without having to report for work anymore. However, if you are still in the pay roll the state may take it that you are still working and refuse to provide you with unemployment benefits.

For you to prevent being denied receiving unemployment benefits, make sure that your severance package is clear on the matter that your months worth of benefits are not shown as payment for hours still worked.