Thursday, April 29, 2010

Man Walks Dog, Killed by Train

Pedestrians should be cautious when walking near railroads where trains are likely to pass by and hit them. Deaths from these accidents continue to grow as a recent accident has again claimed the life of a man walking his dog.

A man who appears to be 30-year-old died after being clipped by a Coaster train that was going about 50mph at around 7:30 pm.

Reports indicate that the man was walking his Labrador and was heading east while crossing the railroad when he was struck by the Coaster train that was making its last northbound trip from Old Town station.

Authorities said that the conductor of the train only had seconds to react as the man appeared to be inattentive. No one in the train was reportedly injured and passengers were placed on busses to get to their destinations.

This truly is a sad way to die especially now that we know that something could have been done to avoid the collision.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seagal Files Arbitration Claims

It is important for both the employer and worker to honor the provisions of an employment agreement, including the procedures on how to resolve employment disputes. Furthermore, each party should have these agreements reviewed by an employment lawyer to ensure that the contents of an employment agreement are fair and beneficial to both parties.

Days after her 23-year-old personal assistant filed sexual harassment lawsuit against him, Steven Segal is now reportedly filing an arbitration claim as Kayden Nguyen allegedly signed a confidentiality agreement when hired by the actor.

In February 2010, Nguyen reportedly answered an ad for an executive assistant to work for Segal and his production company, Steamroller Productions. Segal reportedly assaulted Nguyen and groped her several times. Nguyen is seeking for $1 million in damages.

The confidentiality agreement states that Nguyen should try to settle disputes with Seagal through arbitration which she apparently failed to follow as she filed sexual harassment and human trafficking charges against Segal.

It is reported that Seagal will be seeking attorney fees from Nguyen in his recent breach of contract claim.

Man Electrocuted at Work Dies

Construction workers need to be careful and protected when dealing with workplace hazards such as exposed electrical lines, as it can likely result in deaths. They must be equipped with proper training and safety equipments that would keep them away from harm.

Also, owners should make sure these power lines are secured and will not present immediate danger to anyone in the vicinity.

A 22-year-old man from Bakersfield recently died after being electrocuted along Imperial Street while on a hydraulic lift and photographing the construction of an office building. William Cantrell came into contact with an overhead power line and was electrocuted shortly after 4pm.

PG&E came and disconnected the power before Kern County firefighters were able to move the equipment and recover the body.

Power should be cut off immediately when someone gets electrocuted as this would stop the flow of electricity. It is important for everyone to know the dangers of these power lines carrying high voltage and keep distance from them.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chain Accident Kills 5 People in Santa Clarita

In Santa Clarita, California, at least five people lost their lives in a chain car crash on the I-5 Freeway in the Newhall Pass in a rain-related accident.

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident which was reported at 12:14 a.m., involved four vehicles. Allegedly, a sedan carrying six people spun out of control and crashed against a pick-up truck, triggering a chain reaction.

The pick-up truck overturned and one of its occupants died. The sedan however, yielded a higher body count with one 6-year old, three young people and an adult. Two people in the sedan survived and were brought to the hospital. Fortunately, there were no other people injured from the other vehicles involved in the crash.

Driving under hazardous conditions can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Even if a driver is not impaired by drugs or alcohol, wet roads (due to rain or snow) are an easy trigger for an accident, especially if the driver may be driving too fast or would make a sudden sharp turn.

Also, rain or snow can also impair visibility. In case of a heavy downpour, drivers are advised to turn on their headlights and use extreme caution when driving.

In case of adverse weather conditions and you can’t avoid having to drive, observe the Basic Speed Law. The Basic Speed Law, which is embodied under Vehicle Code Section 38305 provides that, “No person shall drive an off-highway motor vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent and in no event at a speed which endangers the safety of other persons or property.”

This means that even if the speed limit is 55 but because the road is slippery because of the rain, the driver must drive at a lower speed. Ideally, 10 mph lower than the prescribed speed limit would suffice.

However, in case that an accident has already occurred, the weather may not be the only one to blame for any injury or damages suffered. If the driver was operating his vehicle negligently or recklessly, or was driving drunk, or violating traffic laws at the time of the accident, he can be held liable for damages.

A chain car crash however, would change the dynamics of liability as comparative negligence and contributory negligence may be recognized in multi vehicle accidents. In case you’re involved in a chain car crash, it would be best to consult with a car accident attorney. Even if you feel the accident is your fault, the blame may be reduced or divided among the other parties/drivers involved.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The “Unsafest” Cars List

Consumers, watch out! Despite the overwhelming headlines about Toyota’s dangerously defective vehicles, there are other cars out there that are just as unsafe, if not more so.

In an article from, a list of the worst made cars on the road was compiled and surprisingly, the beleaguered Japanese car giant did not even make it on the list. The results were gathered from the Consumer Reports studies and Vehicle Dependability Study from J.D. Power and Associates.

This is a round-up of the “unsafest” cars on the road today which shockingly, featured vehicles from General Motors. Also, the current leader in automotive sales, Ford, got really poor ratings for its Ford F-250, which was even rated among the worst in overall value and safety performance.

• Cadillac Escalade (SUV)
• Chevrolet Aveo (Compact Car)
• Chevrolet Colorado (Pick-up truck)
• Dodge Nitro (SUV)
• Ford F-250 (Pick-up truck)
• GMC Canyon (Pick-up truck)
• Jeep Wrangler (SUV)

Ironically, the most vehicles on the worst cars list are SUVs and pick-up trucks. According to analysts, while trucks and SUVs aren’t necessarily unsafe, the engineering updates and safety improvements for such vehicles lagged because car makers capitalized on making these vehicles “family-oriented”.

But for road safety, size isn’t the only thing that counts. Big and bulky SUVs and pick-up trucks are actually more prone to dangerous rollover accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 58 percent of SUV occupants while 47 percent of pickup occupants were killed in rollover crashes last 2008.

It is appalling that despite the public flogging and impending $16 million fine to be on Toyota for their dangerously defective cars, federal regulators seem to have missed acting on the above-mentioned worst-made vehicles.

Stricter standards should be implemented across the board in order to make sure that all manufacturers create quality and safe products -- GM and Ford should not be an exemption to the rule just because they’re American manufacturers. A mere slap on the wrist is alarming and detrimental to all consumers who may get involved in an accident because of dangerously designed or defective cars.

In case you are involved in an accident with any of these above-mentioned vehicles or other cars you believe is defective or dangerously designed, consult with a car accident attorney or a product liability lawyer to evaluate your chances of making a successful claim for compensation and damages.