Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seagal Files Arbitration Claims

It is important for both the employer and worker to honor the provisions of an employment agreement, including the procedures on how to resolve employment disputes. Furthermore, each party should have these agreements reviewed by an employment lawyer to ensure that the contents of an employment agreement are fair and beneficial to both parties.

Days after her 23-year-old personal assistant filed sexual harassment lawsuit against him, Steven Segal is now reportedly filing an arbitration claim as Kayden Nguyen allegedly signed a confidentiality agreement when hired by the actor.

In February 2010, Nguyen reportedly answered an ad for an executive assistant to work for Segal and his production company, Steamroller Productions. Segal reportedly assaulted Nguyen and groped her several times. Nguyen is seeking for $1 million in damages.

The confidentiality agreement states that Nguyen should try to settle disputes with Seagal through arbitration which she apparently failed to follow as she filed sexual harassment and human trafficking charges against Segal.

It is reported that Seagal will be seeking attorney fees from Nguyen in his recent breach of contract claim.