Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time Limit for Filing of EEOC Charges

When charges of discrimination get unresolved in the workplace, the filing of a case against the offenders or tormentors would be your last and only recourse.

Naturally, it would require the assistance of a knowledgeable employment and labor law attorney but still it would take time before the case is heard.
Take the case of the Muslim employees of the Electrolux plant in St. Cloud, Minnesota. According to the employees’ complaint, a Muslim employee filed a complaint in 2010 claiming that the company had changed its break schedule and allegedly threatened to terminate Muslim workers if they broke their fast on the production floor during the Ramadan fast.

The case was filed last year but as more employees have joined the lawsuit as complainants, the resolution of the dispute has taken longer than it should be.

However for complaining workers and employees, all discrimination charges must be filed with the EEOC within 180 days of the alleged violation. If the complaint is covered by state law, the filing deadline is extended to 300 days. To be sure, if you suspect that a discriminatory act is being committed by your employer, it is a good idea to contact the EEOC immediately.

But in cases involved equal pay issues or charges under the Equal Pay Act, no charges are required to be filed with the EEOC, prior to the lawsuit. But since claims under Equal Pay Act are often raised together with Title VII sex discrimination issues, the worker or employee may also file Title VII charges with the agency.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

SSA Field Offices Nationwide to Close 30 Minutes Earlier Everyday

If anything, this may not be an indication of something ominous, but already some changes happening at the SSA are certainly not good and only fan the flames of speculation that the federal Social Security Administration is going bankrupt.
But certainly, it is not true. It is all part of saving up the resources.

According to a statement release in its website, all Social Security field offices nationwide will be closed to the public half an hour earlier each day effective August 15. Despite this announcement, SSA Commissioner Michael Astrue however said that agency employees will continue to work their regular hours but has to close earlier to avoid incurring the cost of overtime for employees.

The commissioner said this measure was taken because of budget constraints. The US Congress provided the agency with less $1 billion as requested by the President this year. This makes it impossible for them, according to the official, to pay for the overtime needed to handle service to the public the same way they did in the past.

Although claimant need not go to an office personally to get Social Security services, it may not be effective to those who need to attend a disability hearing appeal. But since SSA has gone online, many applicants and claimants can avail of their services such as when applying for benefit, sign up for direct deposit, replace a Medicare card, obtain a proof of income letter or change of address and contact number, among others.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flight or Fight: Hit-and-Run Driver in Victorville Fatal Accident Arrested

In a pedestrian hit-and-run case, running away from the scene of an accident is a strong indication of guilt. This means, an offending party may face harsher penalties for this egregious act if arrested.

In the case of 29-year old Broderick Allen, it may be a bit more complicated. Allen was accused of killing 29-year old Damisha Ford, an innocent bystander at a Victorville club. Allen apparently did this while trying to evade being lynched by a mob.

The incident began when Allen got involved in an argument inside the nightclub which ended in the parking lot. According to investigators, Allen was trying to escape the angry mob and get away in his car when he accidentally hit Ford who later died from the injuries she sustained in the accident.
Allen’s car was found abandoned a few blocks from the scene of the accident. Police said Allen contacted them later to discuss the incident.

He is now booked for vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run causing death at Victor Valley jail with bail posted at $100,000. He is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday.

Pedestrian accidents, like other personal injury cases, are pursued through careful analysis of the facts of each case in relation to essential elements of a legal case. When a pedestrian is injured in this type of accident, one or more parties may be involved.

Liable parties in a pedestrian accident may include the following;

• The driver of the vehicle that hit the pedestrian
• The party responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, roadway or parking lot where the incident occurred
• The pedestrian himself/ herself

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Liability in Drowning Accidents

Many domestic injuries and deaths are caused by accidents due to negligence. These include drowning accidents, which account for nearly half of all victims of domestic accidents in the US, next to fall and fire accidents. In California, drowning is the leading cause of injury-related deaths among children under the age of five.

Take the case of a near drowning accident involving two toddlers in Knollwood, San Fernando Valley. According to reports, the children - believed to be between two to three years old - were rushed to Providence Holy Cross Medical Center Sunday after they were pulled out of a swimming pool in their home.

Authorities said they are still trying to determine the cause of the accident but initial investigations showed that negligence could be the cause.

Drowning accidents, like all other accidents, may be prevented if only we take extra precautions and avoid some negligent actions. Liability in drowning accidents may be caused by the following factors:

• Negligence on the part of the owner of the swimming pool
• Manufacturing and design defects of spas and tubs
• Defective installation of fence or gate
• Negligent supervision by lifeguard or adult
• Lack of lifeguard
• Inadequate training or supervision of lifeguard at public beach or pool

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Strict Liability in Defective Products

Product recalls are often initiated by manufacturers when a defect is found on the product which could result in potential harm and injury to the consumers. Manufacturers often remedy this situation by pulling out the defective from the market and try to repair or substitute the defective parts in it.

Take the case of the recent report on the impending recall of Ford Mustangs and Volkswagen Jettas, which were all under investigators for some defects. The investigation, which involved about 26,000 vehicles for Mustangs and 40,000 for Jettas, was conducted after consumers filed complaints against the two car models for possible defects in them.

Based on the complaints, 2011 and 2012 Ford Mustang models have problems shifting gears on cars with manual transmission while Jettas have possible leakages from its fuel line to the fuel injector.

When a defective product has caused injuries or harm to a consumer, the injured victim can file a product liability claim to recover his losses. Under strict liability, the manufacturers and sellers of a defective product can be held liable for the victim’s injuries, even without showing that the manufacturer or seller was actually negligent.

To be able to file a claim for damages, the victim must only show that the following conditions exist:

1. That the product had an unreasonably dangerous defect that injured the consumer and the defect was caused by the design, during manufacture or during handling and shipment
2. That the defect caused an injury while it was used in the way it was intended to be used
3. That the product was not changed or altered from the condition it was originally sold

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Patient Assaults on ED Workers a Growing Concern in California

Emergency room nurses always face a lot of pressure when taking care of and assisting patients who need immediate medical supervision. However, aside from the demanding duties in the emergency department (ED), nurses are also in threat of getting harmed or harassed by their patients themselves.

Attacks on nurses by ED patients are a growing concern affecting the California employee rights. A recent news report recalls the experience of a Ventura County Medical Center Emergency Department nurse, Lorraine Sandoval. In 2009, she was chased by a drunken patient with scissors. Sandoval was rescued from possible stab wounds by two police officers.

According to a survey conducted by University of California, approximately 40 percent of ED workers in California have been assaulted while on duty in 2006. Common forms of assault by patients to ED employees include biting, hitting, kicking, and chasing.

Although attacks on hospital workers do not usually result in serious physical injuries, hundreds of compensation claims in California alone were filed in previous years. It is the legal right of employees to assert for compensation if an untoward incident that caused them harm happened in their workplace.
Hospitals and medical centers should do all the possible means to protect their employees from patient assaults. Hospital workers, especially those who work at emergency departments should be secured from any harm or injury.

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