Friday, August 5, 2011

Patient Assaults on ED Workers a Growing Concern in California

Emergency room nurses always face a lot of pressure when taking care of and assisting patients who need immediate medical supervision. However, aside from the demanding duties in the emergency department (ED), nurses are also in threat of getting harmed or harassed by their patients themselves.

Attacks on nurses by ED patients are a growing concern affecting the California employee rights. A recent news report recalls the experience of a Ventura County Medical Center Emergency Department nurse, Lorraine Sandoval. In 2009, she was chased by a drunken patient with scissors. Sandoval was rescued from possible stab wounds by two police officers.

According to a survey conducted by University of California, approximately 40 percent of ED workers in California have been assaulted while on duty in 2006. Common forms of assault by patients to ED employees include biting, hitting, kicking, and chasing.

Although attacks on hospital workers do not usually result in serious physical injuries, hundreds of compensation claims in California alone were filed in previous years. It is the legal right of employees to assert for compensation if an untoward incident that caused them harm happened in their workplace.
Hospitals and medical centers should do all the possible means to protect their employees from patient assaults. Hospital workers, especially those who work at emergency departments should be secured from any harm or injury.

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