Monday, April 28, 2008

LA Business Corporate Attorney, the key to profitability and sustainability

As a parent corporation coined their corporate and business situation “extraordinary difficult”, a dilemma in the environment for airlines.

The news relates the corporate dilemma of United Airlines parent corporation the, UAL Corporation which lost more than a third of its market value recently after reporting $537 million first-quarter loss due to soaring fuel costs that effected the cutting of its flights and end 1,100 jobs.

The issue further grows with their executives entertaining the possible corporate combination or consolidation. The focal point of the matter relates with profitability and sustainability.

This news is not new in Los Angeles Business circle or in much broader scope, in our society. Due to the increasing costs of basic commodities relating to business, issues on profitability and sustainability are common that besets businesses. In addition, corporate actions for consolidation and merger can somewhat be anticipated and becomes a necessary alternative than ending with none.

All of these considerations are adeptly known to a business corporate Attorney. This sector of professionals is the legal contenders in all issues that beset business of any kind.

In Los Angeles, there are plentiful of business corporate lawyers that devoted their legal career in handling corporate business issues and concerns. They are vastly knowledgeable with all the component laws and regulations regulating business. They are adequately composed with the legal procedures applicable in various special corporate courts and administrative agencies.

These Los Angeles Legal professionals can make a valuable contribution to a corporation, starting from its conception to its inception, from registration to its operation, from expiration of its corporate existence to its planned merger or consolidation with another corporation or up to its death.

Los Angeles business corporate attorney’s can harness corporate sustainability for profits. They can effectively mold a mechanism that unites environmental, country, society and stockholders towards sustainability and commercial successes.

Indeed, they are the link to corporate profitability and sustainability.

Understanding the Prevalence of Vehicle Accidents in California

Would it be nice to have just a day of serenity and order in the world?
I guess it would remain only a fantasy, a fantasy beyond imagination. With the current situation and diversity of culture and beliefs, every now and then we will see or hear people in disagreements.
In California alone, its streets and highways are a constant venue of major vehicular accidents. Just a month ago, a fatal accident happened on Highway 154. This, I guess, is one of the drawbacks of being one of the worlds most civilized and developed state.
However, man is still able to find ways on how to minimize the disadvantages brought about by technology and development. We constantly discover or uncover remedy that would lessen the unfortunate effects of the modern world.
One of its manifestations is the brilliant ways and ideas people can come up with. Just like in every accident, California vehicular accident lawyers are equipped with the proper knowledge and technique to extend legal assistance to those in need. Victims are not left without recourse against those people who have been negligent of their acts.
Despite enactment of law that provides penalties for accidents, many negligent individuals do not seem to care and continue being so. The rules and regulations on road use and sign are often disregarded and as a result, accidents happen every day.
This, to me, means two things.
One, the penalty provided by law is not stringent enough to make us worry of the outcome especially those of the rich and famous.
Two, it only shows evident disregard of human life especially those drivers who are drunk or under influence of dangerous substances.

Issues about the Proposed Drivers Education Bill

Though this is specially related to matters such as road safety, vehicle accidents and prevention, I would like to discuss it no less because I think this is equally important to those who are just learning how to drive.
The article, “New Drivers Education Bill in California Senate”, posted in February 26, 2008, mentions a newspaper report about the bill introduced by Sen. Tom Torlakson (Antioch) which was intended “to teach teens how to drive”.
According to the proposed bill, drivers who are about to take their DMV test will be required to pay an additional $10 to $27 fee as contribution to the drivers education fund.
Although it is not yet clear who will manage the program, the proponents of the bill should be commended for taking into consideration the issue of teen driving. This bill is not only timely, but it is also long overdue.
Statistics show that there is a growing number of teenagers involve in vehicle accidents across the country. Most of these accidents often result in serious injuries with sometimes-fatal consequences.
Several factors may account for these accidents. Among the causes of accidents, involving teenagers include the following:
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Violation of traffic laws
  • Driver’s inattention and lack of focus
I hope this bill will ultimately help teenagers and young drivers on how to behave on the road. I believe a driver’s education program would help in preventing many road accidents.
Moreover, I would like to see a more comprehensive law that will not only address teenage driving problems but general motoring issues as well. I am expecting a more stringent penalty for those who drive intoxicated and those who participate in illegal road car races.
If not, I hope the proposed driver’s education program will develop new ways to instill proper driving manners and skills to young drivers and eventually, reduce the number of accidents on the road.
With the passing of this bill, we hope to see a decrease in the number of vehicle accidents involving teenagers and perhaps, experience a better and safer road travel in the future.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Los Angeles County Litigation Lawyer Should Observe Proper Dress Code

I just came across this blog entitled “Courtroom Couture”. It tackled about litigation lawyers observing proper dress codes in the courtroom. The job of a lawyer demands a high degree of professionalism and respect. Wearing proper attire during hearings is one of the ways that lawyers can be respectable.
Most courts in the United States follow a certain dress code. This is in compliance with the United States Supreme Court Notice to Counsel requiring lawyers to wear conservative business attire preferably dark colored to maintain the dignity of the court. Los Angeles County litigation lawyers, in particular, are required to wear the appropriate dress so that it would not distract court personnel and the whole proceedings as well.
As a lawyer myself, I agree with the implementation of dress code during hearings or court proceedings. The law profession is a dignified field and thus all those practicing it should maintain proper decorum.
Respectability is a trait that is earned. I believe that to gain respect you have to work for it. Of course, how could we gain the respect of our colleagues if we are not appropriately dressed during trials.
Being appropriately dressed does not mean that we have to wear tuxedos or long gown during hearings. As long as it does not disrupt the normal functioning of the court, we can wear clothes that give us comfort and do not take away our integrity as legal practitioners.
In my opinion, it is not only the way that we project ourselves in court that makes us respectable but also the way we carry our dress.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Discrimination and Harassment Claims

Not all employment discrimination or harassment claims have their merits. These cases must be well supported by sufficient and credible evidences to flourish and subsequently succeed in court.
The plaintiffs must see to it that their allegations are valid and that they were able to document the violations of their employers to have better chances of winning their lawsuits. It will also be helpful if they managed to find some witnesses to testify on their behalf. Otherwise, their cases may just put them in a much problematic situation.
In a recent decision on a racial discrimination and retaliation appeal filed by an employee, the California Court of Appeal 4th Appellate District Div. Two has affirmed the court’s decision. The verdict ordered the plaintiff to pay for the fees of his employer’s attorney amounting to more that $40,000. Such verdict of the appellate court was due to the plaintiff’s filing of a frivolous case.
The plaintiff is employed in the City of Colton’s wastewater division. He filed a complaint after allegedly been demoted following a workforce reduction. He is contested that his demotion is due to his race.
After all the matters related to the case have been discussed and argued in the trial, the court found out and agreed that the job demotion of the plaintiff is on a legal basis. This includes his prior accusations.
In the decision, the appellate court quoted that budget deficit has been the primary cause of the reduction of the workforce and not any form of discriminatory practices.
Now, this particular case may implicate the intricacy of the law in relation to employment discrimination and harassment claims. Due to the plaintiff’s insufficient legal background and understanding of the consequences of filing a frivolous case, he is now to face a more serious problem of paying amounts.
The lesson; appointing a credible and highly experienced employment lawyer is necessary in any labor case. A legal advocate, expert in handling this particular type of case will prevent you from further pursuing a case without being properly documented and planned.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Clear Case of Negligence in Automobile Accidents

I came across this blog entitled “Tacoma man dies after being hit by 2 separate vehicles” dated March 25, 2008. It was about a man who died in Tacoma after being hit by two irresponsible drivers in an intersection.

One of the things that we need to establish when defending an automobile accidents claim is the issue of negligence. There are so many ways of becoming negligent. In law, you can hold a person liable for negligence if you can prove that the defendant did not do his job in ensuring the safety of their premise or vehicle.

In the article it was very clear that the two drivers showed negligence by speeding in an intersection where they are supposed to slow down. What is worst is that the two plaintiffs sped up even more as if nothing happened. The good thing about this situation is that there are witnesses who actually saw what happened.

I remember handling a similar case two years back. My client’s friend was also an unfortunate victim of wrongful death. He was just leisurely walking in the pedestrian lane when out of nowhere two cars came rushing by and hit him. He died on the spot.

Now the family of my client filed a case against the driver. It was a celebrated one because one of the drivers belonged to a prominent family. However, justice prevailed because we were able to recover both punitive and monetary damages.

To successfully win the case you are handling, I suggest that you gather enough evidences. The more proof, the better it is for your client. You would likewise be better off if you would gather statements from eyewitnesses.