Friday, January 27, 2012

Organic Spice Products Recalled Even Without Looming Product Liability Claims

Although there has been no personal injury or illness reported yet, the Jones’ Seasoning Blend in cooperation with the US Food and Drug Administration conducted a product recall with their spice products due to the possibility of salmonella contamination.

One of the ingredients in the spice products secret recipe is the organic celery seed which has been suspected to be the source of salmonella. Over the recent months, Safeway and other retailers have recalled organic celery seed because a batch of seeds was proved positive with salmonella during a routine test. The suspected seeds with salmonella were distributed between May through December.

There has been no reported illness or product liability claim as of the moment but the spice product manufacturer already pulled out the contaminated products off their retailers’ shelves in three states where they distribute their products.

The spice products affected by the recall are as follows:

• Jones’ Mock Salt Original: Organic Free Seasoning
• Jones’ Mock Sal Spicy Southwest Blend: Organic Salt Free Seasoning

Products in recall are said to have no lot number indicated on the containers or bags. However, the manufacturer is advising the consumers to discard the abovementioned products purchased from July to December, 2011.

The Jones’ Seasoning Blend provided their company contact details – 253-468-9595 – which could be reached by consumers from Monday through Friday, 8 o’clock in the morning until 5 o’clock in the afternoon for instructions on how to receive product replacement.

A product liability claim does not always require a malfunction or personal injury for a claim to spring. If a product is made and guaranteed to perform well in a specific manner and failed to do so due to a manufacturing defect, a product liability claim may still be made. A Los Angeles injury attorney can explain the complex nature of a product liability claim.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Personal Injury Sustained by Two in a Fiery Crash in Montclair

Last Tuesday night, a tanker truck that crashed with two cars ended into a fiery wreck, which injured two people. 

The accident happened at around 11:10, Tuesday night, in San Bernardino (10) Freeway at Montclair, California. This event greatly affected the flow of traffic within the vicinity that morning due to the all night road closure.

Two people sustained personal injuries and both were rushed by the firefighters to the hospital via airlift. The authorities did not yet disclose the conditions of the two whom were injured.

According to the information gathered by the California Highway Patrol, the tanker truck collided through the center divider and then burst into flames.

Factors to the accident could possibly be either the driver fell asleep while driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicated substance. Another suspected reason includes mechanical error.

At present, the main cause of the accident is still under investigation but Montclair Fire Department chief, Steve Jackson, said that apart from themselves, several agencies are also conducting analysis regarding the accident like the Caltrans and the LA County Hazmat. Therefore, causes were expected to be determined in no time.

The east bound side of the freeway was re-opened at about 5:45 in the morning followed by the re-opening of all lanes by 6:20 am.

To recover from their personal injuries and damages sustained from the fiery accident, any injured individual may seek legal assistance from a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to represent them in court and pursue their case until it is fully resolved. It is the best option there is upon dealing with vehicle accidents such as these.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Former NFL Players File Brain Injury Claim against the League

The Philadelphia federal court has been flooded with complaints coming from former players of the National Football League (NFL) since the last month of the previous year.

Last Monday, another batch of former NLF players represented by their personal injury attorney, have filed brain injury-related complaints against the league.

In their lawsuit, the former players claim that the NFL has long been aware about the high risk of traumatic brain injury to football players but still chose not to pay no attention to the scientific evidence acknowledging the risks.

The former players assert that the league due to its careless management caused serious personal injuries not only to several players but to hundreds. The former players’ personal injury attorney stated that as the league is preparing for their championship game, it has forgotten about the legacy of the former players that built the league and are now suffering from the distressing result of the brain injury sustained from the game. 

The complainants are headed by former players Brent Boyd, Lem Barney, Joe DeLamielleure and Paul Krause. The lawsuit is claiming for a compensation for the injured former players.

Though brain injury can inflict devastation to the life of a victim, cause paralysis and even death, it can be treated in some cases. Getting the right doctor for the treatment is very important to treat the injuries. But the very fist thing to do is to get your personal injury attorney to help you achieve the right compensation for your brain injury claim. In Los Angeles, brain injury lawyers are well experienced and work only with the best doctors who know exactly what’s best for their clients.

Friday, January 6, 2012

General Motors to Modify Chevy Volts after Suspected Involvement in a Fatal Automobile Accident

After the serious crash that happened last November, investigations suspected that Chevy Volt was one of the factors that caused the fire.

Currently, the General Motors (GM) is preparing to modify their Chevrolet Volts to protect the batteries from catching fire long after an automobile accident. Such act is a prompt response to the government’s call for car crash testing and recall.

In a conference call, the General Motors product Chief Mary Barra said that they are planning to modify their Chevy Volts and changes will concern the following:

• Safety structure surrounding the battery pack will be strengthened to avoid the vehicle from damaging the case during automobile accidents.

• A sensor will be added to the monitor battery coolant levels and a bracket to the coolant reservoir to avoid leakage.

Said changes will be applied to the already built automobiles and will also include the future vehicles.

Barra furthered that even without a government’s order, the company will automatically fix their customers’ cars. Allegedly, volt repairs will include nearly 12,000 automobiles but its cost was not disclosed by the corporation.

As the major government agency assigned in reducing fatalities and injuries on the roadways, the NHTSA conducted a series of tests. Under the monitoring of GM’s representatives and with careful consultation and cooperation of the professionals from the Department of Energy and Department of Defense – apparently, both the battery intrusion and coolant leakage must be present to enable after-crash fire in the Volt.

Last December 22, the NHTSA conducted an impact test and crashed a Chevy Volt in a side pole. The result of the test exhibits no intrusion into the vehicle’s battery compartment and no coolant leakage was seen. The result indicates that the remedy proposed by GM should address the issue.

As a form of precaution, after the test, the NHTSA has monitored crashed vehicles and will continue to do so for another week.

The fire risk issue about the Chevy Volt has lowered GM’s sales to about half among general consumers, according to the market survey conducted by CNW Research. Obviously, GM needs an immediate action regarding this matter not only to avoid the risk of fire after an automobile accident, but might as well to achieve their target sales for the year.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

53-Year Old Woman Killed in a Manhattan Beach Vehicle Accident

Though the State of New York is one of the US states with the most comprehensive Graduated License Law for teens, accidents involving young drivers cannot be totally avoided since they occur at any given place and any given time.

A fatal vehicle accident happened last December 23 at the intersection of Sepulveda Boulevard and Eight Street. This accident involved a minor.

The said vehicle accident involved a 53-year old motorcyclist and a 17-year old boy driving a Toyota along with another passenger. The driver and the passenger of the Toyota suffered serious physical injuries.

However, the 53-year old woman driving the motorcycle died after she was brought to Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Torrance. The woman’s identity has been withheld pending notification of relatives.

The main cause of the vehicle accident is not yet determined and investigation is currently in progress.

Though the 17-year old boy is one year away from the legal age of consent, he is still considered a minor. As we all know, teen drivers are not given the full privilege of driving until they proved that they are capable of driving safely. Therefore, the said accident could be accounted for the teen’s legal guardian for letting the minor drive in a busy thoroughfare.

It is still unclear which part deserves the right to file for personal injury claims. Another problem that may also arise from the vehicle accident claim is when the insurance companies trap the onset claim set forth because a minor was driving the car during the incident. In such cases, you can have a full guidance through the claiming process to ensure that casualties can get the best medical treatment they need as well as to fight for your rights to a financial recovery through the help of personal injury attorney.