Tuesday, January 3, 2012

53-Year Old Woman Killed in a Manhattan Beach Vehicle Accident

Though the State of New York is one of the US states with the most comprehensive Graduated License Law for teens, accidents involving young drivers cannot be totally avoided since they occur at any given place and any given time.

A fatal vehicle accident happened last December 23 at the intersection of Sepulveda Boulevard and Eight Street. This accident involved a minor.

The said vehicle accident involved a 53-year old motorcyclist and a 17-year old boy driving a Toyota along with another passenger. The driver and the passenger of the Toyota suffered serious physical injuries.

However, the 53-year old woman driving the motorcycle died after she was brought to Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Torrance. The woman’s identity has been withheld pending notification of relatives.

The main cause of the vehicle accident is not yet determined and investigation is currently in progress.

Though the 17-year old boy is one year away from the legal age of consent, he is still considered a minor. As we all know, teen drivers are not given the full privilege of driving until they proved that they are capable of driving safely. Therefore, the said accident could be accounted for the teen’s legal guardian for letting the minor drive in a busy thoroughfare.

It is still unclear which part deserves the right to file for personal injury claims. Another problem that may also arise from the vehicle accident claim is when the insurance companies trap the onset claim set forth because a minor was driving the car during the incident. In such cases, you can have a full guidance through the claiming process to ensure that casualties can get the best medical treatment they need as well as to fight for your rights to a financial recovery through the help of personal injury attorney.