Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Consecutive Christmas Season Automobile Accidents Occurs in Massachusetts

Christmas Eve is supposed to be the day to prepare for the forthcoming Christmas Day. However, one may eventually forget the true essence of preparing for the holidays after getting involved in a tragic car accident on the eve before Christmas.

Even in this holiday season, accidents may strike. Several people were involved in separate automobile accidents last Christmas season. One of them claimed the life of a 20-year old man from Allston on the rampage from the Summer Tunnel heading to Storrow Drive in Massachusetts.

The driver, Lusvin Escobar, was the only occupant of the 2005 Ford Mustang when his vehicle struck the tunnel wall before sunset. Escobar was pulled out from the vehicle and was declared dead right at the accident scene.

Few minutes after the first accident, another single car rollover accident occurred at Route 24 South, according to reports.

Police said that the 22-year old Monica Velez from Brockton was also ejected from her 2007 Nissan Maxima. Reports said that the woman suffered from serious injuries. Velez was also alone in her car when the accident happened.

Then, another automobile accident was also reported on that same day. An unidentified victim on North Broadway in Haverhill was the sole casualty. The victim sustained serious injuries and was immediately transported via helicopter to a nearby hospital.

All of the said Christmas Eve automobile accidents are still under investigation. Factors that lead to the accidents as well as the conditions of those who sustained injuries still remain unconfirmed.

As expected, automobile accidents increased in numbers this holiday season despite of public warnings and safety precautions.