Friday, March 30, 2012

California Workers’ Compensation Claim Grew Faster In Previous Years

According to a new study, a rapid growth in compensation cost per claim in California worker’s compensation system was seen in the previous years.

Between 2007 and 2009, compensation cost per claim, payments for lost wages, earning capacity, or permanent disability grew at a yearly rate of 7%. Said growth came after an enormous downfall of about 30% way back in 2002 to 2005.

In fact, compared to the average growth rate from 2005 to 2007, the recent growth in compensation cost per claim was more aggressive. The same also pointed out some influence of thee economic recessions in California. 

The study also noted that from 2007 to 2009, the average weekly earnings of injured wage earner in California slightly changed. It is actually lower than the 4% growth rate in the previous years as wage growth fell down during the recession period.

Meanwhile, the average duration of temporary disability benefits spiked up, possibly

The study also found out that since 2005, right after a significant decrease from the reforms in earlier years, the fast growth in medical payments per claim to injured wage earners in California, which is 8% per annually for claims with more than seven days of lost wages, continues. Furthermore, after 2005, medical payments per claim grew faster in all California regions.

Although the average medical payments per workers’ compensation claim in California grew, the interstate ranking of the state changed significantly due to the modifications, from being at the top of the 16 WCRI, study states previous reform to being lower than usual after-reform. 

Factors that were seen to be the major causes of the recent growth in medical payments per claim are as follows:

•    Increase in prices paid for office visits due to an increase in free schedule
•    Increase in payment per service for facilities associated with surgical procedures
•    Increase in prices for more complex office visits which occurs frequently
•    Increase in prices for services per visit for physical medicine

Over the course of the said study, medical related expenses per claim, as well as the other medical and legal expenses, continuously grow.

Workers’ compensation claim can be complicated and require strict devotion to workers’ compensation system’s rules and practices. As a result of which, a wage earner needs to hire a lawyer with a strong background in the field, like a Los Angeles attorney. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Researchers Eye MS Drug as Possible Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury

A drug that was known to lessen physical problems and outburst of multiple sclerosis is now seen by researchers to be a potential treatment for spinal cord injury.

In a recent study, Japanese researchers found a new hope to treat spinal cord injury in a multiple sclerosis drug which is commonly known as Gilenya. The said drug has been tested by the researchers of Jichi Medical University School of Medicine and University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Medicine through some mice with spinal cord injury. The researchers found some motor function recovery from the mice. 

Authors of the said research wrote that Gilenya, which is manufactured by Novartis, has significant treating powers. Researchers explained that spinal cord injury can worsen once swelling effects occur, therefore the drug is originally provided to reduce inflammation that happens after injury. 

Moreover, authors noted that the primary activity responsible for these actions is considered to be immunological. However, their data suggests that the non-immunological functions of the drug are important as well in the treatment of spinal cord injury.

Even so, though the said study had progressed considerably, researchers still have to work on it further; as they still need to test the drug on larger animals. Nevertheless, they firmly believe that the drug will not waste their time and efforts, since they see clear hope for its potential in treating spinal cord injury.

As expected, this would definitely be a long way process before researchers eventually determine the drug’s effectiveness in treating spinal cord injury in human beings.

This is actually another great leap in getting into a higher level of discovering a better future for the victims of spinal cord injuries. The only issue arising from such research is the best time of prescribing the drug to patients.

Unfortunately, at present, studies have yet to prove that there is a drug that can protect the nervous system. The only thing that it can do is to help in the rehabilitation process.

Therefore, victims of spinal cord injury are not yet rejoicing for the said study of MS drug, but instead, they just look upon the possibility of achieving the right compensation that they deserve after being injured due to other people’s negligence.

Usually, most victims of spinal cord injury make sure that they have the best representative with years of experience like a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to help them obtain greater recovery for the injury they sustained.

Friday, March 16, 2012

NFL Faces another Lawsuit Following the Wrongful Death of a Former Player

 The National Football League is again facing another lawsuit following the death of former Chicago Bears player, Dave Duerson.

The wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by Duerson’s family a week after a batch of former NFL players from Louisiana sued NFL for their own concussions.

Duerson died on February 17, 2011. He actually committed suicide through shooting himself in his own house at Sunny Isle Beach, Florida.

Duerson’s family is blaming NFL for the former player’s death because allegedly he had decided to end his own life at the age of 50 due to his unendurable sufferings brought by his concussion.

The family claims in its lawsuit that NFL negligently caused head injury to Duerson. The family affirmed that NFL failed to give prior notice and warning to players about the negative effects of head concussion. The family also claims that the damages that Duerson sustained from NFL greatly affected its inhibition, judgment and impulse control.

Dave Duerson is a former NLF player who made so many positive game contributions. He played for the Bears in 1983 out of Notre Dame. He played for 11 seasons in NFL before he decided to retire in 1993. In 1985 and 1990, he won Super Bowls with the Bears and Giants and played in Pro Bowls for four times.

During his NFL career, Duerson had about 10 concussions wherein he lost consciousness in some instances.

According to his family, before Duerson committed suicide, he left a suicide note giving instructions to his family. Duerson noted that he wanted his brain be donated at the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy in Boston University’s School of Medicine.

Aside from NFL, the helmet maker, Riddell Inc. was also involved in the lawsuit. Allegedly, the said helmet manufacturer failed to provide helmets that are safe enough to protect players from concussions.

Other lawsuits that were filed against NFL by its former players were already consolidated in Philadelphia since it all stemmed from similar complaints – all blaming NFL for their head concussion and other brain related diseases. However, though Duerson’s wrongful death can be linked to the head concussion issue, it still differs from the other former players’ lawsuits since death and suicide was involved in his lawsuit.

This would be a tough battle for Duerson’s family. Provided the possible high amount of damages, which can be earned from a wrongful death claim, NFL would definitely go to great extents to defend the lawsuit filed against them. Duerson’s family needs to be sure that they have the very best representation possible for their claim. Their lawyers must be in long years of service with proven record of accomplishments like the wrongful death lawyers in Los Angeles.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Prevent a Puppy from Biting to Avoid Future Dog Bite and Animal Attack Incidents

 Biting is not uncommon with young puppies and new dogs. Therefore, it is important for the dog owners to teach a puppy at the very beginning of the raising period to avoid the said bad habit.

Nevertheless, a dog is ninety-nine percent (99%) loving, sweet, and adorable and it’s only one percent (1%) that the dog is more likely to bite or attack.

There are actually many causes of biting, but still, an owner can absolutely teach a puppy or a dog to avoid biting and here is how:

•    Reprimand alone can never stop a dog from biting. Since puppies were taken away from their natural habitat right before their learning is completed, owners should take the responsibility of teaching them what is good and what is not. 

•    If no respect was shown to the animal, its biting could get harmful and worsen over time. Sometimes biting could also lead to animal attack. Owners should understand that, like humans, puppies also need a littermate or play pal so if an owner acts like a littermate to them, they will treat you back as one.

•    Show the dog or the puppy that they can trust you. If they feel that their owner cannot be trusted, they will have the possibility to bite or attack due to their fear and lack of confidence. 

•    Train puppies and dogs with consistency. Never let a puppy or a dog bite at times since if you do, you will never get rid of its biting habit. 

•    Make the puppy understand that it is the biting habit that you hate and not the puppy itself. After reprimanding a puppy for its wrong deed, make up thereafter to earn its trust and make it confident with you again.

Most owners usually wait until a problem occurs and get worst before taking proper precautions. But remember, it is better to be prepared  than being totally ignorant when problems arise.

Owners are completely liable for all dog bite and animal attack incidents. Therefore, they should realize that it takes a lot of time and effort in dealing with such incidents. Owners likewise have to face many circumstances such as the victims’ personal injury claim as well as the court litigations. After the litigation, the dog owner till has to pay for the victim’s lawyer’s fee, damages, and other legal cost.

Injury lawyers are experienced in getting through a case’s hurdles. A Los Angeles injury attorney knows that well. Thus, an owner will definitely have a hard time dealing with such situations. So, better take the above precautions to avoid headaches associated with dog bite and animal attack claims.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pittsfield Train-Pedestrian Accident Kills Man

A pedestrian accident involving a train in Pittsfield, Massachusetts last Tuesday left a man dead.

According to the initial investigation, the accident occurred at around 7:10 in the evening, February 28, in Downtown Railroad Tracks.

Police said that an unidentified man who was walking through the tracks along Depot Street was struck by a CSX locomotive pulling another train engine. The impact of the collision pinned the man under the first engine train.

Authorities are still conducting an investigation to determine why the fatal train–pedestrian accident happened hundreds of yard behind a restaurant near the area. They are also tracking the point of entry of the victim, since the tracks are enclosed by a chain-link fence except for the un-gated entrance where the construction workers passed by to access the tracks.  It was still unclear whether the man entered onto the rails.

Due to the said accident, the McKay Street to Depot Street extending to the west end of the parking lot along Depot was closed to traffic while authorities are conducting an investigation.

When such train–pedestrian accidents occur, there are federal laws that exist to determine who shall be held liable, and the corresponding settlement arising from the damages that a victim of the accident will be entitled to. Additionally, if evidence reveals that the carrier was at fault, there are also factors to determine the extent of its liability.

In such instances, a lawyer specializing in train–pedestrian accidents and personal injury is the best to rely on, like a Los Angeles injury attorney who is knowledgeable enough of the federal laws concerning the accident and who will pursue the case with highest dedication and competency.