Friday, March 2, 2012

Pittsfield Train-Pedestrian Accident Kills Man

A pedestrian accident involving a train in Pittsfield, Massachusetts last Tuesday left a man dead.

According to the initial investigation, the accident occurred at around 7:10 in the evening, February 28, in Downtown Railroad Tracks.

Police said that an unidentified man who was walking through the tracks along Depot Street was struck by a CSX locomotive pulling another train engine. The impact of the collision pinned the man under the first engine train.

Authorities are still conducting an investigation to determine why the fatal train–pedestrian accident happened hundreds of yard behind a restaurant near the area. They are also tracking the point of entry of the victim, since the tracks are enclosed by a chain-link fence except for the un-gated entrance where the construction workers passed by to access the tracks.  It was still unclear whether the man entered onto the rails.

Due to the said accident, the McKay Street to Depot Street extending to the west end of the parking lot along Depot was closed to traffic while authorities are conducting an investigation.

When such train–pedestrian accidents occur, there are federal laws that exist to determine who shall be held liable, and the corresponding settlement arising from the damages that a victim of the accident will be entitled to. Additionally, if evidence reveals that the carrier was at fault, there are also factors to determine the extent of its liability.

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