Friday, March 9, 2012

Prevent a Puppy from Biting to Avoid Future Dog Bite and Animal Attack Incidents

 Biting is not uncommon with young puppies and new dogs. Therefore, it is important for the dog owners to teach a puppy at the very beginning of the raising period to avoid the said bad habit.

Nevertheless, a dog is ninety-nine percent (99%) loving, sweet, and adorable and it’s only one percent (1%) that the dog is more likely to bite or attack.

There are actually many causes of biting, but still, an owner can absolutely teach a puppy or a dog to avoid biting and here is how:

•    Reprimand alone can never stop a dog from biting. Since puppies were taken away from their natural habitat right before their learning is completed, owners should take the responsibility of teaching them what is good and what is not. 

•    If no respect was shown to the animal, its biting could get harmful and worsen over time. Sometimes biting could also lead to animal attack. Owners should understand that, like humans, puppies also need a littermate or play pal so if an owner acts like a littermate to them, they will treat you back as one.

•    Show the dog or the puppy that they can trust you. If they feel that their owner cannot be trusted, they will have the possibility to bite or attack due to their fear and lack of confidence. 

•    Train puppies and dogs with consistency. Never let a puppy or a dog bite at times since if you do, you will never get rid of its biting habit. 

•    Make the puppy understand that it is the biting habit that you hate and not the puppy itself. After reprimanding a puppy for its wrong deed, make up thereafter to earn its trust and make it confident with you again.

Most owners usually wait until a problem occurs and get worst before taking proper precautions. But remember, it is better to be prepared  than being totally ignorant when problems arise.

Owners are completely liable for all dog bite and animal attack incidents. Therefore, they should realize that it takes a lot of time and effort in dealing with such incidents. Owners likewise have to face many circumstances such as the victims’ personal injury claim as well as the court litigations. After the litigation, the dog owner till has to pay for the victim’s lawyer’s fee, damages, and other legal cost.

Injury lawyers are experienced in getting through a case’s hurdles. A Los Angeles injury attorney knows that well. Thus, an owner will definitely have a hard time dealing with such situations. So, better take the above precautions to avoid headaches associated with dog bite and animal attack claims.