Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Colusa Bus Accident Investigations at its Final Stages

After months of speculation of the cause of the tragic bus accident, finally investigation revealed that the driver Quintin Watts was indeed drowsy during the crash. The investigation yielded no traces of alcohol or drug use. Due to such development, Watts was released from the state prison after 3 months of imprisonment.

On October 2008, eight people were killed and thirty-five others were injured when their bus ditched into a narrow road.

Initial investigations uncovered that neither the driver nor the bus has the legal rights to be on the road. The road was listed as non-operational.

Watts, on the other hand, was on parole for his 2007 conviction. While he has a long-standing authorization to drive pilot tankers and trucks, he had no DMV authorization however to drive a bus. Due to the accident, Watts’ parole was revoked and he was send back to jail.

Tragic bus accidents like this could likely cause by various causes. Driver’s error, mechanical defects, road or weather conditions and legal intricacies may altogether contribute to a horrible accident like this.

Consequently, all negligent parties who had contribution to the crash, no matter how little could face legal consequences.

May this incident be a lesson to all of us. One single mistake may result to invariable and complicating outcomes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nursing Home Cited for Poor Care

Admittedly, we are so busy sometimes that we could no longer afford our elderly members of the family the care and attention they need. In our minds, the best thing to do is to send them to nursing homes, health care facilities or rehabilitation centers.

Sending them in these caring institutions give us the belief that they are well taken cared of. However, with the cases of license revocation and citation of several health and caring institutions, it made me think twice.

Lemon Grove Care and Rehabilitation Center in San Diego County was one of those included in the growing list of nursing homes who have received a citation. In fact, it received an “AA” citation, the worst and most severe penalty and a fine of $80,000 from the state of California.

This incident had been fueled by an incident involving a 74-year-old woman who died at such center for burn injuries.

Caring institutions must observe all the necessary precautions, care and safety measures to afford their clients the best services they could give. If they fall short in giving good health care, the state of California may give them citation and/or a civil monetary fine.

The penalty and citation process are aimed at giving the public quality care.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Plane Crashes on a Buffalo Neighborhood

With accidents everywhere, sometimes I just want to stay at home to be safe. Until last week, I thought that I could be secured and safe just by lying in bed or staying indoors.

The Wielinski family could not have thought of their fate, not in a millions years. A supposedly romantic week turned into a gruesome scenario when a commercial plane landed on the family’s roof. Aboard the plane were 49 people. All were dead including the man of the house, Doug Wielinski.

The accident scene was a residential area. As it was near Buffalo Niagara International Airport, residents were used to seeing airplanes on top of them but not when one actually landed on the roof and crashed through a family’s home.

Airplane accidents happen not as often as car accidents. However, when tragedy like this occurs, it produces gruesome and terrifying images.

Although the cause of the accident could not have been identified as of the moment, logic and nature tells us that something bad and serious could have caused it. The icy conditions, mechanical problem and/or pilot error could have all contributed to the crash.

Personally, I could not comment as to the cause because it still under investigation. My heart goes to the family’s of all those deceased. It also gave me the idea that safety and security are rare these days. Even in the comfort of our own houses, accidents would still creep through.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Discrimination Due to Political Affiliation

Discrimination in any aspect is a practice frowned upon by the society. If you are discriminated against due to your race, sex, political beliefs, disabilities or religion. The law empowers you to sue.

The law gives a person the right to sue when discriminated against as early as the application stage of employment. This is what Teresa Wagner did when the university turned her down for a teaching position because of her political beliefs. She sued University of Iowa and its dean alleging that the latter even suggested to conceal her affiliations and not to apply for any faculty positions.

In California, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee merely because he/she is a democrat or a republican. Whether an applicant should be hired or not or an employee should be fired or not should greatly depend on his/her credentials, experience and performance.

An applicant or employee’s political beliefs is personal to him/her which in no way affect or determine his/her fitness or qualification to the job.

If you are in California and you experienced any form of discrimination, it would be advisable to consult an employment discrimination attorney.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Under Threat for Vehicle Crash

Vehicle crash seemed an every day sight in the freeways and streets of America. The effect and consequences of the crash bring different outcome to the victims and their loved ones. Feelings of shock, pain, anguish or outrage is rather common.

When the victim of a vehicle crash is a beneficial member of the society, the effect is more disappointing and regretful.

Sergeant Curtis Massey was driving east on his way to work when he was struck by a Toyota Camry driven by Van Nuys traveling the wrong side of the road. The incident claimed the life of Massey, a dedicated policeman and a medal of Valor recipient who devotes his free time working with at-risk teens.

Massey’s fellow colleagues have all good words and praises for him. His life had been short lived because of the careless and irresponsible driving ethics of Van Nuys.

Reports failed to mention whether Nuys is under the influence or not. However, the fact that Nuys drove at the opposite direction of the lane where Massey’s car at manifested extreme carelessness on his part.

Many innocent lives had been cut short not to mention families left in uncertainty and desperation because of the accident.

We share the road with millions of people who may be great contributors to the welfare and advancement of society. Just think of what we could lose if they would only die without any reason.