Friday, February 6, 2009

Under Threat for Vehicle Crash

Vehicle crash seemed an every day sight in the freeways and streets of America. The effect and consequences of the crash bring different outcome to the victims and their loved ones. Feelings of shock, pain, anguish or outrage is rather common.

When the victim of a vehicle crash is a beneficial member of the society, the effect is more disappointing and regretful.

Sergeant Curtis Massey was driving east on his way to work when he was struck by a Toyota Camry driven by Van Nuys traveling the wrong side of the road. The incident claimed the life of Massey, a dedicated policeman and a medal of Valor recipient who devotes his free time working with at-risk teens.

Massey’s fellow colleagues have all good words and praises for him. His life had been short lived because of the careless and irresponsible driving ethics of Van Nuys.

Reports failed to mention whether Nuys is under the influence or not. However, the fact that Nuys drove at the opposite direction of the lane where Massey’s car at manifested extreme carelessness on his part.

Many innocent lives had been cut short not to mention families left in uncertainty and desperation because of the accident.

We share the road with millions of people who may be great contributors to the welfare and advancement of society. Just think of what we could lose if they would only die without any reason.