Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Plane Crashes on a Buffalo Neighborhood

With accidents everywhere, sometimes I just want to stay at home to be safe. Until last week, I thought that I could be secured and safe just by lying in bed or staying indoors.

The Wielinski family could not have thought of their fate, not in a millions years. A supposedly romantic week turned into a gruesome scenario when a commercial plane landed on the family’s roof. Aboard the plane were 49 people. All were dead including the man of the house, Doug Wielinski.

The accident scene was a residential area. As it was near Buffalo Niagara International Airport, residents were used to seeing airplanes on top of them but not when one actually landed on the roof and crashed through a family’s home.

Airplane accidents happen not as often as car accidents. However, when tragedy like this occurs, it produces gruesome and terrifying images.

Although the cause of the accident could not have been identified as of the moment, logic and nature tells us that something bad and serious could have caused it. The icy conditions, mechanical problem and/or pilot error could have all contributed to the crash.

Personally, I could not comment as to the cause because it still under investigation. My heart goes to the family’s of all those deceased. It also gave me the idea that safety and security are rare these days. Even in the comfort of our own houses, accidents would still creep through.