Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Colusa Bus Accident Investigations at its Final Stages

After months of speculation of the cause of the tragic bus accident, finally investigation revealed that the driver Quintin Watts was indeed drowsy during the crash. The investigation yielded no traces of alcohol or drug use. Due to such development, Watts was released from the state prison after 3 months of imprisonment.

On October 2008, eight people were killed and thirty-five others were injured when their bus ditched into a narrow road.

Initial investigations uncovered that neither the driver nor the bus has the legal rights to be on the road. The road was listed as non-operational.

Watts, on the other hand, was on parole for his 2007 conviction. While he has a long-standing authorization to drive pilot tankers and trucks, he had no DMV authorization however to drive a bus. Due to the accident, Watts’ parole was revoked and he was send back to jail.

Tragic bus accidents like this could likely cause by various causes. Driver’s error, mechanical defects, road or weather conditions and legal intricacies may altogether contribute to a horrible accident like this.

Consequently, all negligent parties who had contribution to the crash, no matter how little could face legal consequences.

May this incident be a lesson to all of us. One single mistake may result to invariable and complicating outcomes.