Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hazardous Toys Recalled

If you fear for your children’s safety then you should see to it that their toys are lead free and non-choking.

Your children’s safety should never be compromised. Hazardous toys once it gets into their system spell even great dangers.

Adding to the list of companies recalling hazardous toys is CBB Group Inc.

Last week, CBB Group Inc. announced that it is recalling about 39,000 toys suspected to contain more than the allowable lead content standards and those, which have small parts that could lead to choking.

The companies’ baby rattles, fishing games and pull-a-long cars have detachable parts that could choke children. Its bubble guns and mini-pull back cars have surface paints containing excessive levels of lead.

I commend CBB Group Inc. for voluntarily recalling these toys. They managed to undergo the recall process without waiting for reports of injuries or related incidents. Other companies are only up to profits that they refuse to recall their products until complaints are received.

For parents, choose the things you give to your children. Make sure you check the labels and buy the trusted brands. In case of doubt, do not buy them. Sometimes, it is better to buy the more expensive brands if it means safety of your children.

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