Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wheelchair man died in a crash

Pedestrian accidents increase due to the risks involve just in crossing the streets. In fact, injuries or deaths are more attributed to pedestrian accidents than car collisions or mishaps.

If an able bodied person is in threat for danger when crossing the street, what more for a person bound in a wheelchair?

Cross walks and crossings have designated access ramp for people in a wheelchair. However, the threat of being in danger is greater for them compared to able bodied people.

The limited mobility of people in wheelchairs was manifested in an accident happened in Santa Rosa.

Richard Trenam, a 58 year old wheelchair-bound was hit when crossing Guerneville Road crosswalk. He remained on life support until his death last Monday, March 23.

Antonio Salano Villa was the driver of the car that hit Treman. There were no signs of intoxication or drug use. He claimed that he had the green light at the time.

The crash was under investigation. Police officers were urging any one who witnessed the crash to step up and shed light to what really happened.