Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cell phone’s Life Taking Effect

Pedestrian accidents are due to several factors. Negligent crossing, negligent drivers, lack or improper use of cross walk, lack or deficient stop lights are only some factors of the prevalence of pedestrian accidents.

In recent studies though, phone use is as much dangerous to pedestrians as to the drivers. Peter D. Loeb, Economics Professor of Rutgers University, Newark, found that cell phone use was the main reason for the continuing increase in pedestrian accidents.

Loeb revealed that back in mid-80s, cell phones had “life-saving effect” as users were able to call 911 immediately after a crash or emergency. Consequently, it prevented deaths and further injuries to victims.

However, when the number of cell phone users attained a “critical mass” of about 100 million, its “life saving effect” became a “life taking effect”.

Loeb and his fellow authors recommended that government should take aggressive steps against cell phone use especially when driving or crossing the streets.