Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Fiery Situation

When a fire breaks out, we tend to panic, be scared and be shocked. Our senses seem not to coordinate with our body that some of us forget to react or confront the situation.

If you are 93 years old and your home is caught on fire, your weak body, blur vision and distorted senses are only some of the contributing factors on why you may not respond to such an emergency.

This has been true to an old woman who died after her two-story home was engulfed with fire. She suffered 35% of burn all over her body.

Reports refused to name the old lady until family members are notified of her demise. However, it appeared that said woman was left at home all by herself.

If the fire was caused by someone’s negligence, then, the family members has every right to file a case for wrongful death.

Old age can be a complicating phase of life. Guidance, assistance or supervision is required of family members in dealing with an old parent, friend or relative.

If family members could no longer attend to the needs of an old loved one, it would be wise to send them to nursing homes. It is not advisable to leave them alone. As they can barely take care of themselves, how could they possibly respond to urgent situations such as fire?