Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Basic Tenets for Employers

Employees and workers may have been at the bottom of the work pyramid but are the main source of services. Companies function well mainly because of them. Consequently, they must be taken cared of.

One way of taking care of them is by giving them benefits, paying for any and all expenses which they may have been incurred in connection with their work or for the advantage of the employer.

As the state regulates the employee-employers relationship, laws are enacted to build harmonious relationship between them. Compensation laws are implemented to prevent any abuses and safeguard the relationship.

For instance, workers compensation laws provide that employers should compensate employees for expenses in case of accident while employees waived their right to sue them for damages.

Medical benefits should be given promptly, afford speedy litigation for personal injury cases, shield employees from unreasonable delays or costs and promote open study of accidents and human anguish.

Employers are obliged to observe these laws under pain for suits or claims for damages. Employers should remind themselves of their worker’s compensation obligations and find ways to control costs.