Friday, March 27, 2009

BUI Policy Reintroduced

Boating is a more popular recreation during summer and fall. Consequently, it is during these seasons that boating accident also rises.

The U.S. Coast Guard revealed that motorboats have the most accident with 44%, personal water crafts with 24% and cabin motorboats with 15%. Over all 21% of deaths were attributed to alcohol use.

Consequently, authorities saw the need to address this matter. The California State Senate is reviewing a bill that would make boating at par with driving in case of intoxication.

Senator John J. Benoit, crusader against drunk driving, introduced Senate Bill 154 allowing authorities to suspend boater’s licenses if found boating under the influence (BUI). As Vice Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, Senator Benoit said that drivers of both cars and watercrafts have the same reckless mindset.

California Department of Boating and Waterways reported that about 55 deaths transpired on California waterways in 2007 and half of it involved intoxication.

This bill was just a re-introduction of The Department of Motor Vehicles’ BUI regulation which was stopped by the California Court of Appeals for lack of explicit statutory authority.

If passed, Senate Bill 154 would amend state law thereby permitting DMV to resume its license suspension policy.