Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nursing Home Cited for Poor Care

Admittedly, we are so busy sometimes that we could no longer afford our elderly members of the family the care and attention they need. In our minds, the best thing to do is to send them to nursing homes, health care facilities or rehabilitation centers.

Sending them in these caring institutions give us the belief that they are well taken cared of. However, with the cases of license revocation and citation of several health and caring institutions, it made me think twice.

Lemon Grove Care and Rehabilitation Center in San Diego County was one of those included in the growing list of nursing homes who have received a citation. In fact, it received an “AA” citation, the worst and most severe penalty and a fine of $80,000 from the state of California.

This incident had been fueled by an incident involving a 74-year-old woman who died at such center for burn injuries.

Caring institutions must observe all the necessary precautions, care and safety measures to afford their clients the best services they could give. If they fall short in giving good health care, the state of California may give them citation and/or a civil monetary fine.

The penalty and citation process are aimed at giving the public quality care.