Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Labor Department and CBP Team Up to Prevent Employment Disability through Hiring Alliance

The Labor for Disability Employment Policy (LDEP) Assistant Secretary, Kathleen Martinez, and US Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner, David Aguilar, mutually entered into an agreement aiming to increase the hiring of disabled people.

The said alliance is a great opportunity for the Labor Department’s blooming Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) and Custom Border Protection (CBP) to present disability employment practices that will not only result in increased hiring at CBP but will also serve as a model for other federal agencies pursuing to fulfill the requirements of their executive order plans, Martinez said.

The ODEP Alliance Initiative permits disability advocate organizations to work with the office to build and execute model policies and initiatives to increase recruiting, hiring, advancing, and retaining disabled employees. The CBP noted that the alliance is expected to promote effective strategies and practices.

Aguilar in his statement noted that the CBP is very proud to be the first federal agency to team up with the Department of Labor on an alliance to extend opportunities for disabled employees. He further said that the CBP may now proclaim that it is committed to recruiting, hiring, extending, and retaining disabled employees more effectively than it has ever done before through signing the alliance agreement.

Also, aside from CBP, ODEP also has alliances created with the Partnership for National Association of Governors’ Committees on People with Disabilities, Public Service, the US Business Leadership Network, the Society of Human Resource Management, and the HSC Foundation. All alliances focus on providing national leadership by creating and influencing disability employment–related policies and aim to increase the employment of disabled people.

The employment disability is becoming a prevailing issue to the employment industry. Therefore, the federal government, as well as the other disability advocate organizations, is searching for ways to prevent such kind of employment discrimination. Such action is not only directed in an employment background, but as well as with the offering of access to service to people with disabilities.