Friday, February 10, 2012

Three Los Angeles Sisters Killed in a Single Vehicle Accident

Three women died from a single vehicle accident occurred at South Los Angeles last week while the two other passengers and the unlicensed driver are seriously injured.

The three women killed in the said accident were identified as siblings by the authorities. The youngest of the sisters, Jeshai Chanae Jones, 19-years-old, was pronounced dead just few hours after the incident, while Enisha Marie Davis, 21-years-old died last Sunday afternoon, and the eldest, Tiesha Turner, 28-years-old struggled until late afternoon last Monday.

The accident happened at around 2:45 in the morning last February 3 in 1400 Block of West Florence Avenue when an Infiniti SUV driven by an unlicensed driver – Tenina M. Calhoun hit a palm tree at Hyde Park.

The two other passengers and the driver of the vehicle sustained serious personal injuries and are still at the hospital.

In a report,  the California  Highway Patrol (CHP) has stated that Calhoun was already caught driving without license last January 3, but his vehicle was not impounded due to the new imposed law cancelling impound policy and allowing drivers to roam over the roadways even without driver’s license.

Now, issues about impounding the cars of unlicensed drivers have been set on fire again after this fatal accident.

A CHP officer has affirmed that if only Calhoun’s car had been impounded the day she was caught driver without license, his vehicle would not have been released until last Friday, several hours after the accident happened.

Obviously, there should have been no fatal vehicle accident occurred if only Calhoun’s car was impounded right at the moment she was cited driving without license by the CHP.

Authorities have said that they found at least one container of alcohol from the wrecked vehicle. Apart from alcohol, over speeding was also said to be a factor to the accident.  According to reports, all passengers were all wearing club attire at the time the accident occurred.

If the toxicology test result proves that Calhoun was under the influence of alcohol or drugs that night, she could be charged with multiple homicide and personal injury charges.

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