Monday, December 19, 2011

Washington - Making Efforts to Get Drunk Drivers Off the Road This Holiday Season to Prevent Vehicle Accidents

The US Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) joined forces to begin working on a nationwide crack down for drunk driving accidents this coming holiday of 2011.

The year 2010 had beengreat for Washington DC, in terms of the reduction of numbers of the drunk driving fatalities. The 2010 statistics released by NTHSA reveals that there was huge decrease in the number of drunk driving fatalities. This was seen in the 32 U.S states.

At present the agencies are thoroughly focusing on the safety of the motorists this coming holiday season. They are now making efforts to make real progress in the reduction of drunk driving deaths.

Both agencies are reminding drivers to get off the road. They warn US citizens to drink moderately or else be pulled over.

Just last year 10,228 people were killed from drunk driving. That means 415 mishaps occurred just by the last two weeks of 2010.

Education and enforcement efforts are the latest urge in the “Drink Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign launched by the agencies. This campaign involved thousands of law enforcement agencies all over the country.

The holiday season disciplinary action enforcement is supported by the $7 million national Drink Sober of Get Pulled Over advertisement campaign that starts from December 16 until January 2. The ad featured an invisible traffic enforcer observing drunk citizens and then apprehends them if they attempt to drive. The multi – million worth advertisement aims to raise people awareness and support the law enforcement activities in all states. The ads convey to the public that traffic enforcers are more vigilant in preventing people from drunk driving.

Though drunk driving still remains to the main cause of death in US, be rest assured that each federal government is doing their best in reducing fatal vehicle accidents which stem from drunk driving.