Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toddler Ejected from Car due to Improperly Secured Car Seat

Can parents be liable for their child's injuries in a car crash?

Yes, when parents fail to abide with traffic laws that result to injuries of their child, cops can lock them up in jail.

Consider the case of a two-year-old child who was ejected from an improperly secured car seat during a car accident at Santa Monica Freeway on Sunday. The toddler was listed in critical condition, reports said.

According to reports, the driver was getting off the 10 Freeway when the car collided with another vehicle. The car rolled over near Fairfax Avenue intersection and burst into flames.

At least six other passengers suffered serious injuries and was transported to a local hospital. The other driver sustained minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

If the results of investigation show that the child’s parents or guardians failed to fasten the child properly, the court may impose penalties on them. More so, if the parents ignored known defective car seats, the court may reduce the damages when they file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver.

Under California law, vehicle drivers have the responsibility to ensure the safety of child passengers. This means installing baby seats with lap belts as protection from road hazard. It also requires motorists to check if the safety equipment is in good condition and was properly fastened to the child. Failure to fulfill such regulations can result to legal consequences.

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