Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Police Officer Killed in Alhambra Two-Patrol Car Collision

Police officers are the ones more exposed to road hazard, especially if it is near dawn. When patrol men are responding to a robbery, they are compelled to drive at high speeds or enter narrow streets. Because of these on-duty activities, patrol car crashes occur at least once in four police operations.

Take this instance last Sunday when a police officer has died after his patrol car slammed into another car in Alhambra.

According to reports, Police Officer Ryan Stringer was responding to a robbery when he was involved in a two patrol-car collision in Main Street and Garfield Avenue.

Stringer died instantly after the crash. The other police officer sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Huntington Hospital, reports said.

The patrol officers were heading to a parking lot at 100 North First Street to respond to a robbery when the accident occurred.

When police officers are fatally or seriously injured in an accident, the state police department offers some assistance to their family members. A representative from the family can file a Workers’ Compensation claim in behalf of the injured officer.

If the result of the investigation shows that another party is liable for the car accident, the injured officer can file a personal injury lawsuit to receive compensation for losses.
Meanwhile, the decedent’s surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit to receive damages.

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