Wednesday, July 20, 2011

LA Driver Dies Shortly After Carmageddon

Staying away from the "Carmageddon" site seems not enough to avoid an accident.

Hours after the closure of 405 Freeway or the so called "Carmageddon", a male driver has died in a collision with a Porsche Carrera.

The 28-year-old motorist was taking an alternate route on Sepulveda Boulevard when he veered off the lane and hit another car on Saturday morning. Paramedics rushed him to a local hospital, but he did not survive his injuries, according to reports.

Reports said the other driver sustained non-life threatening injuries.

"You have been warned", but the words were not enough to prevent collision on the alternate highway. Sepulveda Boulevard served as the primary option on reaching the west side of Los Angeles. It received the heavy flow of traffic starting Friday evening and lasted on Sunday noon to give way for the I-405 re-widening project.

The closure on the I-405 ramps between the 10 and 101 freeways compelled motorists to re-route on north-south canyon roads such as Beverly Glen Boulevard, Cahuenga Boulevard, and the Sepulveda Boulevard. Local transportation officials have promised to finish the construction before Monday.

On Sunday noon, the local government boasted reaching the goal ahead of time, but cannot deny a life that has been sacrificed on Saturday morning. Perhaps, instead of giving bonuses among laborers, the money can be given to the family of the deceased driver. It may not be enough to cover the emotional loss, but it can help starting anew.

The family of the victim may file a premises liability lawsuit against the government to recover damages. Nevertheless, they will have to present documents that will prove that the accident is related to the I-405 construction project.

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