Tuesday, July 5, 2011

27 California Residents Rescued from Mexico Boating Accident

If crossing the US-Mexico border is prohibited, try cruising in the Sea of Cortez.

This time, almost two dozens Californians ventured on Mexico waters for a vacation trip. The difference is that these North American travelers carry legal tourist documents.

Sadly, the cruising adventure ended up in a boating accident, which fatally injured one passenger and left seven others missing. The group consisted of 27 US citizens, mostly from California, and 16 Mexican staff.

According to reports, a storm hit the charter vessel Erick at south of the Baja California port of San Felipe on Monday at 2:30 a.m. It hurled the passengers into the seas near the San Luis Island.

At least one passenger was pronounced dead and seven others were missing. The US Coast Guard and the Mexican Navy have helped in pulling the victims from the waters. The survivors, who were wearing life jackets, were transported to local hospital for medical treatment, reports said.

Reports said that the first survivor had managed to swim toward the shore of a nearby island and alert Mexico local officers regarding the incident.

The officers are still searching for the seven missing passengers.

If the authorities find that the boat operator has failed to provide sufficient safety equipment, he or she may face liability for the accident. Moreover, if the vessel owner failed to instruct his or her crew on implementing standard safety measures, then the court may give stringent penalties to him or her.

The family members can also seek damages for the losses resulting from the boating accident.

Cruising together on US-Mexico seas can be an adventure, but it involves legal responsibilities. The next time you visit the other country, make sure you have complied with the regulations to ensure a safer travel.

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