Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Unscrupulous Masters Dangling Dog Bones

If you have been recently laid off and was offered a severance package by your boss, don’t accept it at first instance. Remember, if you are being laid off, it means that you will not anymore be productive to your employer. If you are not going to be of any use to your employer, wouldn’t you be a bit suspicious if your employer suddenly offers you a certain sum of honey as a take home gift?

Chances are, you might have been done wrong by your employer. Employers are not mandated by law to give severance package to a laid off employee. You must be discerning and try to read between the lines or find the hidden meanings behind the severance package.

If the severance package is included in the contract then it is less suspicious but it doesn’t mean that you were not wrongfully terminated. If there is however, no express or implied obligation on the part of the employer to provide you with a severance package but he offered you one anyway, do not take it outright. Contact an experienced employment lawyer to help you assess whether you have been wrongfully terminated. If you are, your master might be giving you dog bones when you are actually entitled to a piece of fat and juicy steak.

There is no problem with settling your claims when you have been wrongfully terminated. Just don’t unwittingly give up your right to sue and claim for just and reasonable damages in exchange for scraps offered in the guise of a severance package.