Thursday, May 31, 2007

How to Protect Yourself From Insurance Companies After Making A Claim

After making a claim or asking for a lawyer’s help in pursuing your claim you should not speak with anyone about the incident except to your lawyer. If anyone contacts you and asks you about the incident, refer them to your lawyer. Insurance companies also hire investigators to question your neighbors and friends and take pictures of you to determine your condition. If this happens contact your lawyer immediately.
Do not forget to take pictures of your injuries as well as damage to your property as this will help you and your lawyer to show the damages you incurred as a result of the accident.
Also, be sure to keep your appointments with your therapists, doctors and other medical providers. The only way you will be able to claim for your injuries is if you have documents, like medical reports and bills, to support your claim. Without this, it will be difficult if not impossible to secure your claims for personal injuries. It will also be hard for your lawyer to prove that your injuries are serious and continuing if you don’t have medical records to show that you have been treating for a continued period of time.
In the end, just document everything, i.e., prescriptions, doctors’ billings, transportation, and send them to your lawyer. Your lawyer knows how to include these things in your personal injury claims.