Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Senseless Wrongful Death due to Pedestrian Accident

Another horrific accident and another senseless wrongful death happened again in Hollywood lately.

The CBS Broadcasting reported the incident in an online news article “Suspect Held On $1M Bail for Hitting Pedestrian”.

The accident claimed the lives of two, a man and a woman. The witnesses said the two are holding hands and crossing the street in ped xing when a vehicle lurched into them, instantly killing them.

It appears that the driver is being pursued by LAPD when they saw his car traveling on the wrong side of the road. He however continued driving erratically, “making unsafe lane changes, speeding and dangerously passing other vehicles” the police said.

The chase continued even after the driver viciously hit and killed the two victims. He eventually stopped and tried to escape by foot but was held by two witnesses until the police arrived and took him.

What an unfortunate accident for the two. It must be too hard for families of the victim to accept their death. Especially of this sort.

The driver was driving under the influence of alcohol said the police. The family of the victims must strongly go after this man. Above other things, he must face hit and run and manslaughter charges.

He must compensate the victims’ family even if it cost him his life. What he had done is unforgivable.

In 2006, car accident fatalities in the United States totaled to 42,642. Out of that number, pedestrian accident kills a staggering number of 4,784 while nearly 70,000 pedestrians are injured.

Statistics show that at least 1 pedestrian gets killed in a traffic accident every 110 minutes, or so.

Like in this case, intoxication of either the driver or the pedestrian was recorded in almost 50% of the traffic accidents that resulted to pedestrian’s death.