Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Proactive Boating accidents compensation pursuit

Boating accidents can be held as a rare eventuality that can happen only in episodic or occasional basis. There might be some vestige of truth to this assertion, I surmise, as sea travel is not availed mostly by the general mass.

However, I would like to relate the boat accident that happen sometime mid of this month (Tuesday July 10, 2008) in San Joaquin Delta, where a respectable Manteca Fire Marshal named Marvin Mears had received serious injuries in a ski boat accident. The ski boat collided with a sailboat at midnight on that date.

Following the event, Mears was rushed to the emergency room where he has been treated for his severe injury. However, to date, there is yet no report on Mears' condition following his surgery. All his close friends as well as those concerned can do right now is to wish for his ultimate recovery.

The operator of the ski boat however, named Christopher Baker (a 32-year-old), was later found to have operated the boat under the influence of alcohol and to which he was arrested and pinned with the constitutive charge of DUI and causing serious injury.

With this story to tell, one can say, that though boat accidents are rare, its effects are disastrous and life changing.

Following the event, several public opinion have emerged all dealing with the issues of alcohol use and abuse, to which they relate that the same has played a big part in boating accidents that occur around California. For some, they urged the authorities to wage more measures emphasizing boat safety so that accidents like these can be avoided. To these, I agree.

In the matter of the victim’s injury compensation pursuit, as an Attorney, my only advice for the victims of boat accidents is to be proactive in their compensation pursuit against the negligent and erring operator or owner of the boat transport. They have to give special attention to this hurdle as this can spell their future.