Thursday, July 17, 2008

Car Crash Accident after Effects and Realities

"They never had a chance to get home", commented by a certain Belen Martinez, 47, who worked in the same crew as with the SUV driver involved in the car crash accident in Westley, who possibly lost her friend, brother-in-law and nephew in the fatal crash.

The sullen accident was reported by, entitled, “Cars Plunge Into Calif. Canal, Possibly Killing 7”, July 15, 2008.

Tuesday, shortly afternoon around 12:21 pm, a fatal accident happened when a sport utility vehicle carrying farm workers (including Belen Martinez’s loved ones) from an orchard south of Westley, collided with a septic truck, sweeping both vehicles into an irrigation canal where it plunged.

It was believed that there were seven dead people in the crash.

The canal runs about 17 feet deep and 100 feet wide in the area where the crash occurred, said U.S. Bureau of Reclamation spokesman, Pete Lucero, for the which operates the 117-mile canal that funnels water from a Tracy pumping plant to the western San Joaquin Valley. As can be gleaned from the description of the canal, we can discount the possibility of having any survivors.

This event is something familiar as accident of this sort happens every now and then, but it is also something overwhelmingly ruinous especially for the helpless family members who have lost their loved ones.

I can see the future for all this, that is, a constitutive lawsuit will spring eventually where the surviving family members of the victims will settle to file their case against the person responsible for the accident. This is a Car Crash Accident after effects and realities.

This anticipated course of action is ideal and a must wager for the surviving families of the car crash victims, in order for them to be compensated for their loss. This I advise and recommend for them as well as to those who may experience like situation in the days to come.