Thursday, July 17, 2008

Strike for Wage hike

One of the things that make this country land of the free is our right to freely express our displeasure and contentment, particularly in the workplace.

In a news article entitled “UC Medical Workers Go On Strike Over Wages” reported by, the union representing nearly 8,500 employees of University of California hospitals, dormitories, and other facilities are said all set go on a five-day strike.

The sentiment arise because the worker’s are reportedly paid “poverty-level” wages or as low as $10 an hour. Workers decided to strike after almost a year of negotiation, which didn’t yield positive results.

Wage issues are common throughout the country. Especially now that many people are experiencing hard time. They depend on their wages to tide them over; to shelter, feed and support their family members.

But some employers, even including the government, do little about this. Some workers even have to resort to legal remedies to resolve the problem.

With respect to wage claim and other employment issue, the same would be dealt with by workers with the help of an advocate who specializes in labor and employment law.

The labor’s sector is vital to the nation’s development. And it’s good that people are allowed to exercise one of their fundamental rights guaranteed by our laws.

However, things might get complicated in the process. Their act might do them more harm than good in the end. Albeit the law sanctions such activity, there are still other ways that workers can resort to without having so radical.

I’m not saying they were, but it may end like that.

Or, their acts might pay back in the end. But in the meanwhile, there are professional out there who can help expressing the sentiments of the workers.

For every labor and employment problem that they have, there is a labor and employment laws attorney who can help.