Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Motorcycle Accident in Broad Daylight

Although it is just common to hear motorcycle accidents in California, you should not be reluctant to accept that such incidents have been causing great damages and loss of lives every year. Just like what had happened in a motorcycle accident that happened just last month in Riverside County where a 26-year-old man died due to severe injuries.

According to instant Riverside.com news article, the victim was not able to reach the hospital alive after his Honda motorcycle collided with City of Riverside Public Works vehicle. Meanwhile, as the victim’s family still mourns in grief, this particular incident is still subjected to further investigation.

On the other hand, I can’t still figure out why this accident happened early in the morning where the street is free from any defects. I’m just hoping that the on-going investigation would end soon enough so that the victim’s relatives may file their charges against whoever is accountable.

If ever, the liable for party for the incident can be compelled to pay damages enough to compensate the loss of the said family. Aside from the funeral costs, the liable party may have to reimburse the surviving family for the following:

• Damage to property

• Emotional and mental distress

• Loss of future wages

• Loss of association

• Other expenses and losses resulting from the victim’s death

Now, I do suggest that the relatives of the departed hire the assistance of a highly skilled motorcycle accident lawyer for proper guidance and establishment of their lawsuit. A lawyer with a commendable background in handling this particular type of case will give them assurance that justice will prevail and that they will be properly compensated.

Albeit the accident may identify a government employee as the liable party, it is the right of every victim of negligence to acquire suitable damages.