Friday, July 25, 2008

What if no one can be charged in a Motor Vehicle Crash?

A friend of mine once asked me, “If I became a victim of a vehicle crash, would you handle my claim?” Teasing him, I replied, “Of course, if the price is right!”

Kidding aside, more than the money I would gain from winning my clients’ cases, I am more concerned on how these people would rebuild their lives without obtaining justice and sufficient recoveries. This idea always urges me to exert all my efforts in every lawsuit that I handle in order to ensure positive results and rightful compensation for my clients.

In California, where I practice my profession, Motor vehicle crashes are just of common occurrence. These incidents do not necessarily mean that it involves two or more moving vehicles. Just like what had happened last Monday, July 08, where another person died in an accident along 210 Freeway, wherein the victim’s car suddenly wedged under a truck.

I am still unfamiliar about the facts of the incident. However, as I view it, the family of victim may have a hard time in recovering damages especially if the departed was not insured and the driver of the semi-trailer had parked properly, situating an early warning sign along the freeway.

Like in any other vehicular accident claims, the victims must be able to prove that there are other parties at fault in the incident. Further, they must establish that the defendant’s negligence or careless action has been the proximate cause of their injuries.

Yet, I suggest that the family of the Freeway motor vehicle crash victim consult a legal professional to have a thorough evaluation of their case. Somehow, an experienced lawyer can help them find other ways to obtain recoveries. I just hope that the death of the victim would be given justice.