Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vehicle Accidents on Road Intersections

Around 30% of vehicle accidents happen at road intersections, especially those lacking traffic signs and warnings. This fact is obvious enough since these are the areas where all sorts of automobiles attempt to change lanes, make their turns, change their speeds or halt on red light.

These dangerous conditions are even severed by motorists who disobey traffic rules, fail to give way or beat the red light.

Like for example the accident that happened in Laguna Canyon Road, Irvine last July 18 where a woman suffered serious injuries after being struck by a cement truck that ran a red light. For now, such incident is still subjected to further investigations to determine the extent of liability that the unruly driver has to face.

Meanwhile, not all cases of intersection accidents should be blamed to the drivers. In several occasions, vehicle accident victims may also file charges against the government, if they can prove that the authorities have been negligent in constructing and maintaining a safe road.

Design flaws, lack of traffic warnings, insufficient lighting and malfunctioning traffic devices are some of the reasons that may implicate the government from liability over an accident occurrence.

Now, in order to reduce chances of being engaged in an intersection accident, you should follow these safety reminders:

• Do not attempt to beat the red light

• If you are about to make a turn, maneuver your vehicle on the proper lane as early as possible

• Be more attentive on other vehicles near you

• Know your vehicle’s breaking capacity and check your breaks at least one kilometer before the intersection

• Maintain safe distance from other vehicles

• Watch out for pedestrians who might be waiting for their turn to cross the roads