Monday, July 14, 2008

Fair and Swift Justice – Drowning Injury

We all enjoy camping especially during summer. It is a time to have fun and enjoy the moment together with our family and friends. Most schools always organize camping to develop the skills and character of the student.

However, not all camping events have a successful ending. Some results to tragic incident such as drowning injury due to negligence of some of the organizers.

In a recently reported event, a seven-year-old boy was drowned while on camping. The report relayed that the boy was drowned in the schools swimming pool despite the presence of some lifeguards and considering that, it is a day camp.

When parents allow their child to join a camp they’re expecting that their children will be protected and secured especially in dangerous places like swimming pools. They are hoping that the organizers are exercising extra ordinary diligence in ensuring the safety of their children.

For the considerable number of drowning injury cases I encountered, I commonly observed that camping organizers do not usually observed the required diligence provided by law in this type of event. They escape their supposed liability under the law because most cases like this result to settlement.

I just hope that aside from monetary damages they incurred during settlement, the people behind this activity will also face legal consequences. Maybe because of this, they should be more careful and responsible in their succeeding activities.

The supposed to be an “enjoyable event” results to agony and mourning because of the negligence of its organizers. The law should provide a bigger penalty to this kind of incident especially where children’s are involved.