Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Simple Advice for a Potential Serious Problem

Rules and regulations, no matter how absurd, have the force and effect of law. Strict compliance is expected upon every one. Otherwise, you will be faced with nasty consequences.

The author of the blog, “Free Government Advice from the EEOC, NLRB and the DOL”, made it a point to inform us of recent developments in the field of employment.

One of these developments includes the updated Compliance Manual section issued by EEOC expanding the meaning of religion in relation to discrimination.

The definition is so comprehensive that, to my mind, it includes anything that a person believes to be religious so long as it is “sincerely held”. The author failed to give his personal view on the matter but for me it is a bit to unfair on the part of the employers. All that an employee should prove is the sincere holding of a religious belief, which is difficult to determine, as it is subjective and dependent on ones state of mind.

Another thing is the guideline memorandum issued by NLRB General Counsel Ron Meissberg where demonstration regarding any employment issue is considered a “protected activity”. The memorandum mentioned three (3) ways on determining such activity.

I concurred with the author’s observation that this would just be the beginning of more immigration cases in the future. The immigrants will not take this sitting down.