Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Perilous campaign on ventilating biking issues (Part 1)

“Two death-defying transit stunts: biking on freeways and walking across the street”, the title of the news article reported by latimes.com, dated July 22, 2008, written by Steve Hymon, related the campaign of a group of cyclists, coined as Crimanimalz, in their drive to raise awareness of cycling issues including provisions of more bike lanes and bike routes.

The author interviewed three of the members of the group, namely Alex Cantarero, Paul Bringetto, third rider who would identify himself only as Rich. During the course of the interview, the drivers related their adventures as they raised their campaign. Their drive is somewhat revolutionary in a sense, because they went for a two death defying transit stunts last spring that included short stretches on the Santa Monica and 405 freeways, done during rush hour weaving in and out of traffic.

In their desire to raise awareness on their likes, these Romeos take no concern over their safety and what may be the legal consequences of their wager. As they said, they were comfortable with any legal consequences they might suffer just to advance their cause.

They lamented the unfair treatment that bikers get from the authorities, especially the Police where they did not do enough to protect cyclists.

Taking the concerns of the cyclist or bikers, I was astounded in the way they show or express their desire to raise their issues. They are ready to defy the seemingly stringent law on the road just to air their side. A hopeless move, some may say, as they can put their lives in perilous condition in doing such actions.

I can understand the concerns of this sector of road users. But I cannot grasp the idea on taking off-legal moves in pursuit of their drive for spreading awareness of cycling issues. Their acts were dangerous and beyond legal.

With these, the government should take this issue for consideration, and take steps to answer and solve the dilemma of the considerable number of bikers and cyclists.