Friday, July 25, 2008

Sonoma Bus Accident injures nine

Nine students have been injured in a bus accident that happened very recently on Highway 101 near Asti California in Sonoma County.

Interestingly, the accident happened with no DUI, both drug and alcohol, involve. Add to that is the testimony of some witness that the one driving the vehicle is a model employee, has a perfectly clean driving records and even conducts training camps for his fellow drivers.

The bus was reportedly taking students from the Geyserville, Cloverdale, Ukiah and Calistoga areas to their high schools when it swerved off the road. The driver tried to steer the bus back on course but overcorrected, hence, the unfortunate accident.

What I am interested to know is who should be held liable for the injuries of nine students?

At the outset, it’s pretty hard to tell. The accident is… purely an accident. The driver wasn’t drunk. The driver wasn’t on drugs. The driver has clean record. There was no other vehicle which impacted or about to impact the bus. No nothing.

Now, let me ask, was the driver exercising due care when the accident took place? He has clean records alright but it doesn’t mean he can’t commit error.

Anyway, the investigation is still going on. For discussion purposes however, who else can be held liable following a bus accident such as this?

The following may be held responsible:

• The bus company
• The bus maintenance company
• The local government

The local government may be held liable if it was found out that the roads were so defective so as to cause the bus accident.

The families of the victim must keep track of the development of the investigation. And the moment fault was pinpointed, they must, really must pursue those who are responsible. Under the law, they are entitled to recover the following, among others:

• Medical and hospital expenses
• Rehabilitation
• Pain and suffering
• Punitive damages

To the families of the nine victims of the bus accident, you are not without resort. The law is in your side. You only have to act. And that means now.