Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Client Power: To Hire, To Fire

I just come across this blog article “Be Wise Enough To Hire the Right Legal Services” and found it interesting, insightful, and informative. The article urges you to take a closer look at lawyers before taking up the services they offer. It also offers suggestions on how to scrutinize a lawyer’s credentials and ability.
One interesting advice from the article says that it is often reliable to ask about a lawyer’s background through his former clients and colleagues. I find this piece of information very valuable. As a non-lawyer who sometimes have legal questions in mind, this article gave me some knowledge on how to hire the right legal service for a particular issue or case. He is right in pointing out that clients often fail to determine their case before seeking the services of a lawyer, hence they often fail.
Through this article, a reader will learn some mistakes that most clients often commit. I believe that if there is one error that clients are prone to commit: it is the rashness in choosing a lawyer.
The article also gives the reader the power to choose over the legal services that he wants to hire, depending on his needs and concern.
I agree with the writer of the article that lawyers have their own areas of specialization and they should be hired according to their knowledge, experience, and abilities. By hiring the right lawyer, a client has better chances of success in his case.
In the end, hiring the appropriate lawyer for the job will also help determine the outcome of a case. And, I believe the power to hire and fire lies in the hands of a client.