Friday, November 16, 2007

California Employment Law, a Formidable Employees’ Defense

Speaking of legal issues that arise in our society, it can be said that one of the most challenging case to handle is regarding labor disputes. It seems that we lawyers are being pushed between two big boulders of rocks. Yet, these experiences make us more determined in advocating the cause of those employees who have been deprived of their rights stated under the California Employment Law.

The law is separated in five major divisions that tackle different areas:

  • Division 1 – Department of Industrial Relations
  • Division 2 – Employment Regulation and Supervision
  • Division 3 – Employment Relations
  • Division 4 – Workers’ Compensation and Insurance
  • Division 4.5 - Workers’ Compensation and Insurance: State Employees Not Otherwise Covered

All of these divisions deal with different aspects of employment – ranging from the rights and privileges of the employees to the legal remedies that correspond to certain law violation. In short, the California Employment Law guarantees that all workers are given fair treatment and due benefits for bestowing their services in their respective employers.

Precisely, because of the fact that the California Labor Law has able to detail numerous rights and privileges of the workers, it is not amusing that considerable a number of cases are being filed by the aggrieved employees. This is due to various instances of employment discrimination and violation of the Labor Code.

Now, to tell you the truth, several companies engage in illegal employment practices for various reasons:

  • to lessen their company’s operational cost
  • to hinder their workers from establishing or joining a labor association
  • to compel their workers to increase their production without giving benefits
  • to threaten their workers from revealing their company’s illegal operational procedures such as tax evasion and malpractice

As employees, you must be sure that your employers are following the provisions of the Labor Code. Report any illegal dealings of your employer not just, because you are directly affected by these violations but also because it is your obligation to your fellow workers and to the country. Be not afraid, you can always rely on employment lawyers to protect you from employer retributions.