Tuesday, November 27, 2007

“How a Disability Lawyer Assists His Client”

I just read this article, “Using an Attorney to File for Disability”, posted November 22, which pointed out the mistake committed by claimants who submit paper applications, to pursue their benefit claims. The article also noted that submitting a paper application can cause delay in the processing of claims documents. Instead, it advised applicants to apply personally or visit the social security administration website to inquire about application problems.
The article described how busy claims representatives are and to manually type in the information in paper application would take so much of their time. Hence most paper applications are delayed.
The article commented that this process of sending paper applications tend to “disadvantage individuals who apply for disability as well as make life harder for social security employees.” The article also noted how an ordinary employee’s schedule is packed with daily appointment schedules spent mostly on disability applications and retirement claims, along with the burden of attending to walk-in applicants.
The article offered some interesting ideas on how disability lawyers can help their clients getting started on their disability claim:
  • Schedule an interview appointment for the client with the local social security office.
  • Visit the social security administration website and complete form SSA-3368 (the disability report form)
  • Send in several copies of SSA-827 (the medical release form) to social security office, along with the fee agreement and the appointment of representative form (SSA-1696)
By doing this, a disability lawyer can help his client speed up the processing of his paper instead of being dumped into the list of applicants who submitted paper application and awaiting attention.